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Certification Options

Based on law 70 O.S. § 6-180 et. seq., effective September 1, 1999, Oklahoma’s teacher licensure and certification is competency-based. Competency for initial licensure in elementary education at Oklahoma State University can be met through one of the following routes.

Option 1: Initial Certification at the Undergraduate Level

At the undergraduate level, initial certification in elementary education (grades 1-8) can be obtained by majoring in Elementary Education.  Below you will find links to the degree sheet and the 4 year degree plan.


Course catalog

4 year plan

Option 2: Add on Elementary Education Certification

This option is for those who already hold an Oklahoma Teaching Certificate and wish to add on elementary certification.  Only those individuals who have completed a university teacher preparation program may add certification in elementary education.


More information


Recommendations for Certificate or Additional Certification Areas

Application information for an Oklahoma certificate, including advisement checklist can be obtained from the OSU Professional Education Unit. Oklahoma State University does not make a recommendation for a certificate or additional certification area until all criteria have been met for the Professional Education Unit program and a passing score has been achieved on the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE). Applicants recommended by Oklahoma State University for a certificate or additional area of certification must have achieved grades of "P" in all sections of clinical practice.


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