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Elementary Education Online Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the elementary education online degree program?

    The program is an OSU undergraduate elementary education degree program designed for academically qualified candidates who demonstrate sensitivity and caring for all children. The program prepares teacher candidates to become knowledgeable decision makers who use interactive processes to connect understanding of content to meaningful learning experiences. 

  • Is the  program a full undergraduate, degree- and certification-seeking program?

    Yes, Oklahoma State University offers a bachelor’s degree program in elementary education. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to be certified in Oklahoma to teach in grades 1 – 8.


    Note: If you wish to earn a bachelor’s degree in education but do not wish to pursue your teacher certification, you may seek a bachelor’s of University Studies degree (BUS).  A BUS degree is NOT a pathway to teacher certification in Oklahoma.

  • What are the application and certification program requirements?

    Due to the nature of working with children in schools, you will be required to complete a state bureau of investigations background check prior to being placed in a field placement setting. Additionally, you must complete the following:

    1. The application for Admission to Professional Education must be submitted before completion of the Year 2 coursework.
    2. The following state certification exams must be taken before graduation from the program:

    The OGET (Oklahoma General Education Exam)                         ( or ACT/SAT scores that include all core subjects tested (mathematics, reading, writing, science and social studies with a minimum ACT score of 22 with a writing section or a SAT minimum score of 1120 with minimum section scores of 5 for reading, 4 for analysis and 5 for writing.)


    • The OSAT (Oklahoma Subject Area Test)
    • PPAT (Performance-Based Assessment Tasks) includes:
      • Task 1: Knowledge of Students and the Learning Environment
      • Task 2: Assessment and Data Collection to Measure and Inform  Student Learning
      • Task 3: Designing Instruction for Student Learning
      • Task 4: Implementing and Analyzing Instruction to Promote Student     Learning
  • Is the program offered fully online?

    Yes and no. All coursework offered for the degree program is offered online, however, the course formats do vary depending on the course requirements. Courses are offered through an asynchronous, synchronous or hybrid (both asynchronous and synchronous) formats. Synchronous classes meet online via video conferencing platforms. There are three in-person field experiences and one student teaching internship that is required before program completion.


    Note: There are three field experience courses and they require two components for course completion: online instruction and the in-person field experiences.

  • Is the program an option for out-of-state candidates?

    Yes. Non-residents of Oklahoma may apply and enroll in the EEO program.


    Note: This program is a degree and certification-seeking program, meaning that regardless of residents, all enrolled students must apply for Oklahoma certification prior to graduation.

  • What is the bachelor's in elementary education Finish in Four Plan?

    The Finish in Four plan is a guide designed to organize all required coursework into a 4-year plan for graduation. Certain courses are considered required pre-requisites for other courses.


    Finish in Four Plan

  • How do I become admitted and enroll in the program?

    The undergraduate application for admission and additional application requirements can be found here. You may also call the OSU-Stillwater Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information at 405-744-5358.


    Once you have received notice of your acceptance into the online program, the program advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment for enrollment.

  • I want to transfer from another college or university to the program. How do I find out how many credits I will need to take? How do I know if my earned credits will transfer?

    Students wishing to transfer credits can refer to the OSU college credit transfer guides.


    Note: All students will work with theor academic advisor to verify earned and remaining credits for program completion.


    The advisor will also work with students to determine whether earned credits can be accepted and transferred to the degree plan.

  • What are the technological requirements for coursework?

    There are several hardware and software requirements, including:

    • A computer with a working camera and microphone,
    • A reliable internet connection,
    • A web browser (a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, etc.),
    • A media player (e.g., Windows Media Player, Quick Time Player, etc.),
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin (downloadable free from, and
    • Word processing software - Microsoft Office is downloadable for free for OSU students from  OSU's Software Distribution Center.
  • I understand that the on-campus elementary education program completes field experiences as part of the required coursework. Will I complete field experiences in the online program? 

    Yes, you will complete three field experiences and one semester of student teaching internship. Two field experience require completion of 24 hours in a public school setting and one field experience requires 96 hours (typically one day a week for one semester). These field experiences are in-person designations, while the course accompanying the field experiences are offered online. The student teaching internship requires a 16 week in-person field placement in a public school setting. All field placements must be completed without exceptions.


    Note: Some courses also require instructional tutoring experiences with children, however, these experiences may be offered virtually or in person. 

  • Can I complete the field experiences at my place of employment?
    No, the field experiences may not be completed at your current place of employment, where a relative is employed, where your child(ren) attend, or where you attended schools in grades 1 – 8.
  • What are the GPA requirements for graduation for Standard Certification?

    2.75 Overall GPA; 

    •     2.75 GPA in Major Requirements prior to pre-internship; and 

    2.75 GPA in Professional Core Requirements


    Note: A 2.75 GPA is required for full admission into the professional education program. Students who are not fully admitted to the program are not allowed to enroll in the final two semesters (senior year).

  • Am I required to pursue an Oklahoma Teacher Certification if I am an out-of-state resident? 

    The program is an Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education accredited program, therefore, all students seeking completion of an elementary education degree must comply with the Oklahoma Teacher Certification requirements. 


    Note: If you are an out-of-state resident wishing to seek teacher certification in your residing state, you must earn your Oklahoma teacher certification first to be recommended for out-of-state certification. However, The state of Oklahoma has reciprocal agreements with many states which makes transferring a certificate relatively easy. Check with your state's education department to verify the process.

  • Whom do I contact for information about coursework or enrollment?
    For questions about your coursework, enrollment or other questions, contact the academic advisor at 405-744-5053
  • Whom do I contact for questions about the overall program? 

    For general questions about the program and program requirements, contact the program coordinator Dr. Jessica Watts.  

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