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Course Rotation

The following course rotation is the recommended sequence of coursework for students pursuing the MS in Teaching, Learning and Leadership, option in Reading and Literacy. This course sequence and plan of study is designed so that students may complete this degree option in two years, although personalized pacing is also available. Students ideally begin their course sequence in the fall, but may begin in spring or summer if needed.


Classes in the program typically use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous formats, with a  strong focus on developing community and scholarly collaboration. Synchronous sessions meet through video conferencing to provide the same benefits of meeting face-to-face while allowing easy access from varied locations.


At the end of each literacy course, students will reflect upon and synthesize course content relative to: 


  1. ILA Standards for Literacy Specialists,
  2. Theoretical lenses,
  3. Instructional leadership.

This synthesis will be built into the coursework to support preparation for the reading/literacy specialist certification exam and the state-required reading/literacy portfolio.


Semester 1: Fall

CIED 5073: Pedagogical Research (or another research course)

CIED 5153: Advanced Studies in Children’s Literature

Semester 2: Spring

CIED 5423: Literacy Instruction in the Primary Grades

CIED 5143: Language Arts in the Curriculum

Semester 3: Summer

CIED 5463: Reading Assessment & Instruction (June & July)

CIED 5813: Educational Advocacy & Leadership (July)

Semester 4: Fall

CIED 5523: Practicum in Reading Instruction

CIED 5433: Reading & Writing in the Content Areas

Semester 5: Spring

CIED 5053: Curriculum Issues

CIED 5553: Literacy Leadership & Coaching

Reading Specialist Portfolio and Defense (April)

**State Certification Exam (schedule on your own)  
Semester 6: Summer

6 hours of electives*

* Possible literacy-specific electives:

  • CIED 5720: OSU Writing Project
  • CIED 5353: Literature for Children, Adolescents & Adults (odd summers)
  • CIED 5473: Reading/Writing Difficulties
  • CIED 5443:Teaching Reading with Children's Literature
  • CIED 5733: History of Reading
  • CIED 5483: Literacy & Technology (odd spring)
  • CIED 6093: English Language Learners
  • Special Topics– ELL
  • Additional courses based on advisor approval.

** State Certification Exam must be taken prior to graduation


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