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Those students whose primary interests are in working with children, youth, families, school personnel and other agencies are the best match for our program. The faculty place high value on scholarship, research and the development of scientific skepticism to best expand your repertoire of psychological service delivery skills. Excellent interpersonal skills and a commitment to the highest level of professional conduct are also important qualities for school psychology graduate students to be successful.


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EdS School Psychology

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PhD School Psychology

Program and admissions overview

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Various teaching, research, practica, School Psychology Center and faculty/program administrative support assistantships are available within the School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences (STLES). Assistantships are designed to provide a means of financial income for the full-time student and to provide the student with special skills that may be useful in future career endeavors. Every attempt is made to match students with their areas of professional interest while serving as a graduate assistant. A faculty member is assigned to supervise each graduate student in his or her assistantship and graduate assistant performance is evaluated annually.


Graduate assistants who have been awarded at least a .25 FTE assistantship have the non-resident portion of their tuition waived fall, spring and summer semesters along with some of the resident tuition expense (see the SPSY 2007 disclosure tables).


Students who have applied to the program and been invited to the “on campus” interview day complete the application for a STLES assistantship during the interview day. Be sure to notify the faculty that you are interested while you are visiting the program. Historically, since the program’s initial accreditation by the American Psychological Association, 100 percent of PhD students have been supported with at least .25 FTE assistantship awards and many of the EdS students.

Graduate student assistantships may consist, but are not limited to, any of the following activities:


  • Teaching or assisting in the teaching of undergraduate coursework (typically related to child and/or adolescent development, learning or special education).
  • Working in the Reading and Mathematics Center for School Psychological Services
  • Assisting the Director of Training (building web sites, organizing materials for conferences, planning and attending department meetings)
  • Serving as a research assistant for a professor
  • Consulting and providing services in a local school district


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