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Oklahoma State University

International Internships

International internships in your chosen major or field are an excellent way to earn academic credit while developing global competencies and gaining international experiences that will help you be successful while in college and later in the workplace. What’s more, they create unique opportunities for professional networking among future colleagues and with potential employers world-wide.


Global competencies are “soft skills” that employers are seeking in today’s competitive job markets. Your international experience will strengthen and refine your skill sets by helping you better understanding yourself within the context of different cultures, natural environments, and academic or professional surroundings. Pre-and post- travel assessments help you evaluate your global skill sets, create goals for personal growth, and then practice your developing skills while traveling abroad. Upon your return to OSU, your global competencies will again be measured and then compared to pre-travel scores, creating a unique opportunity for reflection and future goal setting.


International student teaching practicum is an option for students in EHA and HS teacher preparation programs who have met the requirements of their Professional Education Unit. Begin at least 1 year (2 semesters) before your internship by meeting with the International Student Teaching Practicum faculty member in your program. This will be your most important partner as you plan for a successful semester abroad. To prepare for this meeting, review the OSU Professional Education Student Handbook, available online, and research OSU scholarships that are specifically available to teacher candidates seeking semester-long, international experiences. Next, meet with your Academic Adviser to discuss your Plan of Study, and contact the International Programs Coordinator for help with travel preparation and support.


International internships begin with your search for the internship that best meets your academic and professional needs. You should begin planning for an international internship as early in your degree program as possible- and no later than 1 year (2 semesters) in advance. Begin by visiting with faculty in your program to discuss your interests, learn about academic requirements toward degree completion, and ask about internships that they would recommend based on their own professional or international experiences- as well as those of their former students. Meet with your Academic Adviser to discuss the logistics of adding an int’l internship to your degree plan. Whether your internship extends your graduation date depends largely on the type of experience you’re seeking. International internships can often be completed within a four-year plan of study, and in some programs, they count toward graduation requirements. Next, do your research. OSU is committed to helping students find safe, high-quality experiences outside of the U.S. that will support their academic and professional goals. In fact, the OSU Study Abroad & National Student Exchange office, 242 Student Union, exists for that very purpose! You can make an appointment with Study Abroad & National Student Exchange by calling (405)744-8569, by requesting one online, or via email at


  1. Go to .

  2. Click “OSU Students” at the top of the page and then click “Student Resources”.

  3. Scroll down and click on “Program Types”.

  4. On the “Program Types” page, scroll down and see a heading called “Internships and Service Learning”. From there, click the link “Search Internships by Major.

  5. Review the programs that appear on your screen. They are all organizations and vendors that are OSU partners. As such, they are considered reputable and trustworthy- as well as good sources for academic learning and international experiences. For each site listed, you’ll find dates, deadlines, descriptions- and in some cases a video- about internship opportunities for that location.

  6. Research several options. Keep in mind that internships are generally unpaid; you are investing in your future and will be considered a novice learner/student regardless of your previous experiences. Think critically about what a given location can offer you, both academically and professionally, and what it will cost to live there for a full semester.

  7. Ask Questions- If you have specific questions about a listed site, consider emailing the vendor or organization. For example, you might ask, “What is available for (semester you’d like to travel) in (specific area of interest) in (location), and what has been done by other students?”.

  8. Contact the faculty member who is advising you on international internships to get their feedback on the location you’ve selected. Also, call or email our skilled team at OSU’s Study Abroad & National Student Exchange Office to let them know what you are looking for. If you have a specific location and/or company in mind that is NOT listed among those you are researching, our expert staff in Study Abroad & National Student Exchange can work with you to verify whether your proposed internship will meet OSU’s requirements for academic credit. The Study Abroad & National Student Exchange staff will partner with you and your faculty adviser to ensure that all questions are answered before you travel.


Scholarships and grants are available to support your global learning experience! Contact your International Programs Coordinator or the OSU Study Abroad and National Student Exchange Office to learn more about available scholarships and grants.


If your internship is a credit-earning course that is required for completion of your degree plan, it may be covered by Financial Aid. Make an appointment with Financial Aid (phone: (405) 744-6604) to verify whether your internship qualifies for financial assistance.