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Enriching Experiences

for students and faculty
Our office provides ongoing support, services and programs to broaden individual perspectives and encourage travel experiences across state, national and international communities.

International Travel Courses

Immerse yourself in a new culture while earning academic credit in these one to two week travel courses led by college faculty.

Domestic Travel Courses

You don’t have to leave the country to be exposed to new learning experiences related to your major. Travel to Wyoming, Texas, New York City, New Mexico and more with students and faculty who share your interests. Most of these travel opportunities are directly tied to an academic degree for course credit.

Internships and Service Learning

Broadening your global perspective
Earn academic credit while developing global competencies and gaining international experiences specific to your chosen career path.

Global Competency Development

Global competencies are the soft skills employers are seeking in today’s competitive job markets. Our courses are designed to foster personal growth by helping students better understand themselves within the context of different cultures, natural environments and academic or professional surroundings. 

Apply Now!For international programs, academic travel courses or scholarships.

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