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Shaping the future of higher education

Founded by Dr. Robert B. Kamm, the Kamm Lecture in Higher Education brings private and public sector leaders together to discuss contemporary issues in higher education. The new Kamm Lecture format will feature a keynote speaker every three years. In the subsequent two years, working groups will focus on the impact and application of the keynote topic or issue previously addressed. Groups will meet virtually every month.
Photo credit: OSU Special Collections and University Archive

Reimagined Kamm Lecture in Higher Education

To meet the needs of contemporary education practitioners, the long beloved Kamm Lecture has been reimagined into three-year, hands-on learning opportunities. Our first experience began in May 2022 and will conclude in spring 2025. There are multiple ways to get involved!
The first year-long reimagined Kamm Lecture opportunity includes:

Kamm Distinguished Fellowship

The Kamm Distinguished Graduate Fellowship is the most prestigious honor awarded to PhD students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program. The award is granted annually, and students selected as fellows receive funds that may be applied to tuition or dissertation expenses. The Kamm Fellow community is an active group of OSU alumni or advanced PhD students who hold higher education professional positions nationally. These professionals remain involved throughout the year by attending the Kamm Lecture, serving the program, providing input on strategic decision making and curriculum, selecting new Kamm Fellows and participating in other related activities.
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