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Research center in the College of Education and Human Sciences

Improving the well-being of immigrant populations

An emerging public concern
Our research aims to better understand the risk and resilience development immigrant children, youth and families so we can translate these findings into effective interventions, inform policy decisions at state and federal levels and train the next generation of scholars dedicated to immigrant health and education.

A changing landscapeAccording to Pew Research Center projections, in 2018:

people born in another country

now living in the U.S.

of U.S. population growth

accounted for by immigrants or their descendants over the next five decades

total immigrant population in Oklahoma

a two-fold increase since 2000

Sustaining our nation’s future prosperity

and creating an equitable society
How immigrant families navigate and guide their offspring through the acculturation process, what unique pressures are on immigrant families and what resources do families need to be successful are examples of the many vital questions that must be answered through intentional, multidisciplinary research.


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