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Textiles Testing

for performance, durability and comfort
The Textiles and Apparel Science Laboratory (TASL) utilizes the latest technology and equipment to test and research the physical and chemical properties of textile materials and apparel. TASL measures thermal and biology protective performance of textiles and apparel when exposed to hazards such as fire, hot water, steam and contamination. More than 200 students are trained in the lab each year. 

Essential Research 

to inform textile and apparel design
Designers, manufacturers and consumers rely on accurate information so that the textiles perform as they should, which includes ensuring the fabric can be washed or confirming it has the thermal properties to keep wearers safe. Textile comfort is an essential piece of research when developing new concepts or designs in the field of textiles and apparel.


Dr. Sumit Mandal Principal InvestigatorDesign and
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