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Sponsored Programs Support Services

The CEHS Research and Graduate Studies Office assists faculty and students in the identification of funding opportunities, proposal development and submission, and post award support. 

Pre-Award Support

Our office provides support and guidance for preparation of applications for external funds to support research.


Please note: An individual faculty may not directly submit a proposal to a funding agency. All funding from outside sources must go through the university's sponsored programs routing process.

INTERNAL PROPOSAL DEADLINES (effective 10/16/2023):


  1. Faculty must submit a Proposal Request Form (PRF)  at least one month before the submission deadline. This timeline gives our Sponsored Programs staff sufficient time to address budget-related concerns and collaborate with sub-awards and partners to complete all necessary forms. If the Proposal Request Form is submitted later than one month before the submission deadline, approval will be required from the School/Department Head and the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.

  2. Draft Budget Documents: We request that a draft of the project budget and budget justification be provided to Sponsored Programs staff no later than three weeks before the submission deadline. Following this timeline allows our Sponsored Programs staff to work with you to ensure that your budget documents accurately reflect your intentions and that your budget complies with university and sponsor requirements.

  3. Final Budget, Budget Justification, and Abstract: All required routing documents, including the final budget, budget justification, and abstract, must be received two weeks before the proposal submission deadline. Please be aware that documents such as the project narrative and biosketch are not necessary for routing purposes. After this point, no further changes to the budget or budget justification will be accepted.

  4. Proposal Submission: To ensure timely submission and acceptance by funding agencies, all final proposal documents must be submitted three days before the official application submission deadline. These three days are crucial for our Sponsored Programs staff to accurately enter the required application information, upload all application documents, and make any necessary corrections. Any documents received after this deadline will only be accepted with approval by the School/Department Head and the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.
  • Proposal Preparation

    1.     PI submits the Proposal Request Form


    2.     RGS Office reviews sponsor’s RFP and prepares forms with university and college information


    3.     RGS Office works with PI to develop budget, providing the budget template and budget justification


    4.     PI provides RGS Office with budget, budget justification, and Statement of Work for project


    5.     RGS Office routes the proposal through Cayuse for necessary college and university approvals


    6.     PI supplies RGS Office with any submission documents no later than 3 days before submission deadline


    7.      RGS Office will submit the proposal and forward you any confirmation


    PI Responsibilities:

    • Identify the most likely sponsor/funding agency
    • Make submission intent known to the Research and Graduate Studies Office by submitting the required intent form
    • Prepare the proposal content


    Research and Graduate Studies Support:

    • Provide information on potential sponsors and funding opportunities
    • Prepare agency forms and provide university information as required by the sponsor
    • Assist PI with preparing the budget according to sponsor and university requirements
    • Route for necessary approvals within the college and university
    • Review final proposal documents
    • Submit the proposal
  • Budget Development

    Once you have filled out a Proposal Request Form, a staff member from the RGS Office will create a both a Budget template and a Budget Justification template that fits the requirements for your particular application. Often, finalizing the budget documents is a back-and-forth process between our staff and the PI, so we ask to see draft budget documents at least 3 weeks before the application submission deadline.


    Current Rates Used in Budgets

  • Proposal Routing

    All proposals are routed through Cayuse and this process requires that these items be routed NO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS before the grant submission deadline:


    1. Final budget
    2. Final budget justification/narrative
    3. Statement of Work/Abstract
    4. All subaward documents
        1. Subaward Budget
        2. Subaward Budget Justification
        3. Subaward Statement/Scope of Work
        4. Signed Subrecipient Commitment Form (provided by our office)
    5. Any documents that need VPR signature.


    No edits to the budget or budget justification may be made once routing has begun. 

  • Proposal Submission

    Proposals for external research funding are submitted by OSU (via the college’s Research and Graduate Studies Office), not by the PI. Oklahoma State University requires that all proposals receive institutional approval prior to formal submission. The RGS Office facilitates this approval process in Cayuse. Faculty must submit all proposals and awards through the college's Research and Graduate Studies Office to avoid contractual and budget problems prior to submission.


Post-Award Support

Post-award administration of a sponsored project typically involves financial management, allowable costs, cost sharing, sub-award agreements, audits, and project close out procedures.


The Research and Graduate Studies Office works alongside accounting staff in the CEHS Business Operations Office to provide support with your expenditures and any administrative tasks, such as budget modifications or clarification on allowability of a cost.


The university's Grants and Contracts Financial Administration (commonly shortened to GCFA) handles all sponsor invoicing, audits, and financial reporting for your awards.



Research Support – General

We facilitate and provide administrative oversight for research and grant issues.



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