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Admission and Completion Requirements

Application and Admission

Students interested in the Didactic Program in Dietetics must be accepted to OSU and must have a cumulative GPA to begin classes in the Department of Nutritional Sciences. Students must have a 2.5 GPA to earn a BSHS in Nutritional Sciences, option Dietetics.


Undergraduate application

University academic regulations


Date of Matriculation

A student's matriculation date is associated with his or her first term after high school graduation as an admitted student in an accredited institution of higher education. That date will be used in calculating the time limit for the use of a given plan of study.


Changes in Degree Requirements

A student generally follows the degree requirements associated with his or her matriculation year. Although the curriculum may be revised before a student graduates, students will be held responsible for the degree requirements in effect at the time of matriculation and any changes that are made, so long as these changes do not result in semester credit hours being added or do not delay graduation. A student has the option of adopting the new degree requirements that have been established since matriculation. The time limit for following a given undergraduate degree program is six years.


Degree Requirements

The 2019-2020 degree sheet for Dietetics requires 121 total hours, including:

  • 43 hours of general education requirements
  • 8 hours of college/departmental courses
  • 70 hours of major requirements

Forty upper division hours required and 60 hours must be completed at a four-year institution. At least 30 semester hour credits must be earned at OSU. A 2.50 Major GPA is required for all college/departmental hours and major requirements. A grade of “C” or better is required in all NSCI 3000- and 4000-level courses.


Degree requirements



Seniors must submit the Online Diploma Application through Banner before the date of graduation in order for the degree to be conferred. If the expected graduation term changes, students must file a “Diploma Application Extension” with the Office of the Registrar.


Commencement information

Apply to graduate


Verification Statement Procedures

All students who successfully complete the DPD curriculum and graduate with a bachelor’s degree are entitled to receive a verification statement which is required to enter an ACEND-accredited Dietetic Internship. The DPD director will check Banner for the date when the B.S. degree was conferred and will confirm that the DPD courses were successfully completed. For students who have a B.S. degree from another institution and have completed DPD courses at OSU, the DPD director will confirm the degree and completion of DPD requirements using all of the student’s official undergraduate transcripts and Banner information. Four copies of the verification statement will be mailed four to six weeks after graduation to the contact information left by the student. It is the student’s responsibility to see that the Department of Nutritional Sciences office or the DPD director has the correct post-graduate address. Students who need additional copies of the form should contact the DPD director. This form is VERY IMPORTANT proof of achievement and should be kept with the graduate’s permanent records. One copy will be needed by the dietetic internship, and others may be needed for state licensure. If the original DPD director is no longer in this position, the current DPD director will sign statements with the current date. Students who substitute other courses for required DPD coursework will NOT receive Verification Statements. A copy of the Verification Statement Opt-out Form should be completed and returned to the DPD director.

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