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Education and Human Sciences

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Promoting the science of food and nutrition

Our department offers exceptional preparation for a variety of careers in the health care field. We perform dynamic research, ranging from basic molecular and cellular sciences, to clinical and human nutrition, to community and public health nutrition, with a focus on health, wellness and disease prevention through food and nutrition. Our award-winning professors are accessible and committed to student success, demonstrated by a high rate of acceptance to graduate and professional schools.

Program Highlights

We are committed to providing the highest quality educational experience through integrated, practical and evidence-based learning that inspires confident professionals.

Career Opportunities

We develop collaborative, confident and well-respected professionals who enjoy successful careers in diverse healthcare settings as physicians, physician assistants, dietitians and more.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Becoming a RDN is a three-step process that includes completing the undergraduate Didactic Program in Dietetics, a dietetic internship and passing the national exam.

Undergraduate Research

Seek out research opportunities with our faculty, including Freshman Research Scholars and other research grants.

Graduate Studies

We inspire confident practitioners who can develop and identify evidence-based research to become experts in their field. 

Research Emphasis Areas

Cellular and Molecular Nutrition

Characterizing nutrient function and metabolism from the cellular to the whole-animal level to better understand how dietary intake can reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve health outcomes.

Human Clinical Nutrition

Investigating the complex interactions between diet and health to develop nutrition and physical activity strategies to improve health and well-being.

Community and Public Health Nutrition

Improving the food and nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of people where they live, work and learn, through programming, policy and environmental interventions.

OSU Extension and Community Outreach

Community Nutrition Education Programs

Providing nutrition education to Oklahoma communities through research-based lessons and hands-on learning experiences.

Farm to You Youth Programs Adult Programs

Cooking for Kids

Collaborating with the Oklahoma State Department of Education to provide this hands-on culinary training program for child nutrition professionals.

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OSU Tactical Fitness and Nutrition

Serving first responders and military personnel by providing health, fitness and performance support.

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