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Program Costs

Tuition and Fees


Undergraduate in-state cost estimates

Undergraduate out-of-state cost estimates

Undergraduate international cost estimates


Additional tuition and fee details can be found here.  


Housing Rates and Pricing


OSU Residential Life


Didactic Program in Dietetics

Specific fees include expenses associated with required courses (approximate prices, subject to change):


  • NSCI 3440 NSCI Preprofessional Experience and NSCI 4331 Quantity Food Production Practicum:
    • Students may need two TB tests - ~$15/each
    • Background check - $28
    • Drug tests for entrance into healthcare facilities during pre-professional experience - $35
    • Flu shot - $25
    • Professional liability insurance - $15
    • MyClinicalExchange fee - $36.50

These expenses dependent on the student's choice of facilities. Healthcare facilities also require proof of immunizations (MMR, Hep A& B, Varicella immunization or titer, Flu Shot, Tdap).


  • NSCI 3543 Food and the Human Environment: Food for food presentation- varies, depending on the menu and class size.
  • Incidental costs involved with other class projects vary.


Optional Costs

  • Nutritional Sciences Club dues - $10
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics student membership (optional, but required for access to the Evidence Analysis Library on the Academy website and for the reduced price of the Academy's Nutrition Care Manual and eNutrition Care Process and Terminology Manual) - $60
  • Costs involved in applying to dietetic internships
    • D&D Digital Computer Matching Fee - $55
    • DICAS (DI Centralized Application System) - $45 for first application, $20 each additional application
    • Application fees to dietetic internships and graduate programs vary-see individual websites
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