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Internship Schedule


The OSU Dietetic Internship program begins in August of each year concurrently with the OSU fall academic semester. The program is expected to take approximately 27 months to complete either the M.S. in Nutrition or the Master of Public Health degree and the 1,200 hours (minimum) of supervised practice (rotations). The duration of the program is dependent upon the objectives of the dietetic intern, as well as availability of rotation sites at certain times of the year.



Interns are provided an orientation to the Nutritional Sciences graduate program and to the Dietetic Internship. If choosing the Master of Public Health option, students will be oriented to the College of Education and Human Sciences. This is usually held early in the fall semester and provides general information on both the requirements for completion of the master's degree and the Dietetic Internship program.


Thesis Option

Interns who choose the thesis option will begin rotations after all coursework for their master's degree has been completed and after they have defended their thesis and submitted the final signed version of their theses to the OSU Graduate College.


Non-Thesis Option

Interns who select the non-thesis option must complete NSCI 5843: Non-Thesis Creative Component with a grade of "B" or better, including passing the comprehensive exam, prior to beginning the supervised practice rotations. Some exceptions may be made for interns in the non-thesis option to complete one rotation during the summer between their first and second years of the program upon recommendation of their advisor.


Post-Master's Students

Applicants who have already completed a master's degree in nutrition (with courses comparable to those required for the OSU M.S. in Nutritional Sciences and either a thesis or non-thesis creative component) may be considered for acceptance into the program and may go directly into their rotations following orientation. The applicant must have a DPD verification statement issued within the past five years.


Academic Calendar

The Dietetic Internship follows the OSU academic calendar. Interns will start their master's degree in the fall. Non-thesis students have the opportunity to complete their management rotations during their first summer. Thesis students work on their thesis during the first summer. After all coursework is complete, interns will complete their supervised practice.

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