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Oklahoma State University

Social Foundations

Social Foundations Cover Photo
Social Foundations of Education is an interdisciplinary field concerned with diverse factors that profoundly influence education. We explore both how historical, philosophical, socio-cultural, political, economic, and international elements shape educational research, processes, and experiences and how education, as well, shapes society. As a field, we are ultimately striving for a more equitable, just, peaceful, and democratic society and world. Our graduates are higher education professors and K-12 educators, community activists, educational leaders, policy analysts, and scholars. OSU SCFD program is recognized as one of the few well-established social/cultural foundations programs in the nation that offers comprehensive coursework in the core areas of the program. Our faculty includes internationally respected scholars and nationally recognized experts in areas of philosophy of education, gender, race, and sexuality studies, political economy, international issues, policy studies, and the role of religion in public education.