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Oklahoma State University

Elementary Education Program Information

Admission to Professional Education Unit (PEU)

All elementary education majors are required to be admitted to the Professional Education Unit prior to their final year of coursework (i.e., Semester Y). This link provides access to the admission criteria.

Background Checks

Prior to your first field-experience (typically CIED 2450: Clinical Experience I) you will submit for an OSBI Name-based background check.  Additionally, for Certification in the state of Oklahoma you will be required to submit for full federal background check which includes fingerprinting.  For more information on either of these background checks including the cost see Kathy Boyer (405-744-6253 or 

Career Services

Stillwater students should See Michele Crew in career services for help writing your resume, interviewing tips, job search techniques, etc.  Tulsa students should see

Field Experiences

Elementary education majors are required to complete a variety of field experiences.  This link provides details about formal experiences in the school as well as other structured experiences working with children.

Foreign Language Requirement

Candidates admitted to the Professional Education Program must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the novice high level.  Proficiency may be documented by two years of high school in the same language with a grade of "B" or better, five college hours (or transcripted equivalent) with a grade of "C" or better, transfer proficiency from another Oklahoma Institution, or successfully complete an approved examination.

OSHA Training

OSHA training is required for clinical experiences beginning with the Middle Level experience.  As a part of CIED 3622: Middle Level Education you will complete your OSHA training.


The portfolio provides candidates with a personal tool for reflecting upon their teaching skills, knowledge and understandings. This portfolio is an edited collection of the teacher candidate's evidence of learning and professional growth and reflections representing progress through the entire professional education program. The portfolio will provide the basis for assessing the candidate's progress in, and completion of, the program. Upon graduation, the completed portfolio may be edited and used as a dossier to help the new teacher in placement interviews. The candidate will create the portfolio in LiveText, a web-based tool for storing, presenting, and assessing candidate data.  The candidate must make the portfolio available upon request for admission, prior to student teaching, at the completion of student teaching, or for program accreditation purposes.

Required Exams 

As a part of the elementary education program, students take 4 required exams.  This link provides details about each of these required exams.

Student Teaching Handbook 

At this link you will find a copy of the student teaching handbook and information on the intent to student teach meeting.

University Catalog Information regarding Professional Education