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Oklahoma State University

Higher Education & Student Affairs

Higher Education & Student Affairs Cover Photo

 Oklahoma State University offers four graduate degrees for individuals who desire to concentrate on the study of Higher Education and Student Affairs.

The goal of these programs is to develop advanced scholar-practitioners who effectively lead higher education institutions and engage community partners in solving complex problems. The coursework offers comprehensive exposure to the issues facing higher education today. Within this context, students focus on issues or problems of special interest to them within the realm of higher education administration and/or student affairs. 


Dr. Steve Wanger / Program Coordinator / Doctoral & International Programs
405-744-3982 / /309 Willard Hall

Dr. Amber Manning-Ouellette / Program Coordinator/Master's 
405-744-9445 / / 310 Willard Hall

Dr. Kerri Kearney / Program Coordinator / Curriculum & Student Support 
405-697-8263 / / 315 Willard Hall


M.S. in Educational Leadership Studies (Higher Education)
*Fully online program beginning Fall 2021


M.S. in Educational Leadership Studies (College Student Development)


M.S. in Educational Leadership Studies (Higher Education Dual Degree with UPAEP-Mexico


Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (Higher Education)


Undergraduate Leadership Minor




Kamm Lecture