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Application, Admission and Enrollment

Wait List 

Due to a high volume of applicants and limited capacity, all parents wishing to enroll their child must complete and submit a wait list application. The waitlist is updated every six to eight months, and we highly suggest that families maintain current information on their child throughout the year.


Waiting List Application


Enrollment using the waitlist begins in March each year. Priority is given to currently enrolled children and siblings and then children from the wait list who meet research criteria will fill the remaining openings. 



The Child Development Lab is open to all children regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity, delays or religious affiliation. Admission is open to the public and is not limited to the OSU community. Parents must complete an application packet, including a Health Professional Assessment signed by a physician stating that the child is able to participate in the program and has current immunizations. Ultimately, children are enrolled depending on space availability and must be able to benefit participation in a group setting.


Families will be asked to provide any information that pertains to the child’s growth and development.



Enrollment policies and records include, but are not limited to the following guidelines:

  • Maintain current health records for each child. Each record must document the dates of service to show that the child is current for routine screenings, exams and immunizations according to the Oklahoma Department of Health Services schedule, American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Provide current records, including health insurance coverage required for emergency purposes.
  • Provide health exam results, including up-to-date immunizations, screenings and follow-ups for any normal or abnormal testing.
  • Provide current emergency contact information for each child, which must be kept current through daily changes noted on the classroom sign-in and sign-out sheets.
  • Provide names of individuals authorized to access health information.
  • Provide doctor’s written instructions for children who live with special needs, including allergies, chronic illness or any other special issue that needs to be addressed by lab staff, should certain circumstances arise.
  • Submit a non-refundable registration fee with the enrollment agreement each school year.


Parents may withdraw their child from the Child Development Laboratory at any time by giving a 30-day written notice to the director.

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