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History and Mission


For nearly 100 years, the Child Development Lab has provided leadership in early childhood education. In 2006, a naming gift resulted in the establishment of the Cleo L. Craig Child Development Laboratory, which included a $1 million renovation of current facilities thanks to significant donations and support from the Craig family. Additional renovations in 2010 expanded the facility to four total classrooms and provided the lab with a brand-new outdoor learning environment.


Accreditation and Licensure

The Child Development Laboratory is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and is licensed by the Division of Child Care of Oklahoma Department of Human Services as a Five-Star facility.



We are a leader in developing an innovative, inclusive early childhood education program that inspires a passion for what we do and those we serve, while preparing dedicated, quality professionals for the future.



We strive to further the OSU mission of instruction, research and service. In this respect, we offer a site for:



  • Quality educational programming for young children
  • Training of student teachers in early childhood education
  • Observation and interpretation of human growth and development
    • Theories are applied in a developmentally appropriate environment
    • Offering instructional opportunities through collaboration with various academic programs


  • Research designed and implemented by OSU faculty and students to further the knowledge-base in areas such as early childhood curriculum, social interaction, language development, cognitive development and delays in growth and development.
    • Faculty, staff and students engage in research that positively influence teaching practices and learning environments in the field of an inclusive early childhood education at the local, state and national levels, where community leaders and professionals can replicate quality educational practices and environments.
    • Information dissemination and training and technical assistance are provided to early childhood professionals and community based agencies.


  • Community service in the form of quality child care, parenting programs and in-service teacher education.
    • The Child Development Laboratory serves as a premier model for an inclusive early childhood education program for children who are typically developing and children who live with developmental disabilities/delays for the immediate and surrounding communities.
    • Providing exemplary services based on recommended practices to children with diverse abilities and their families.
    • Interfacing with the community through outreach and public awareness activities.
    • Affecting policy and system change at the local, state and national levels.



Our goals are to:

  • Provide a premier model for early childhood education program for in-service teacher
  • Provide family-centered services designed to meet the individualized needs of all children and families
  • Provide a blend of educational and therapy services within the context of a developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Prepare and educate students, stakeholders and children for their next educational environment. The program adheres to the philosophy and recommended practices of both general early childhood education and early childhood special education.
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