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Research Round-Up

Research Round-Up is a communication devoted to sharing information related to the proposal submission updates, research administration procedures, and open funding opportunities

Note from Dr. Stephen Clarke – Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

The CEHS Research and Graduate Studies Office will be presenting two workshops for faculty this spring: 


1. February 22, 2023, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Seeking Grant Opportunities and Decoding Announcements


2. April 5, 2023, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Understanding the Key Components of Budgets and How to Strategically Develop Your Budget

Register here (limited spots remaining)


Both workshops will be presented live in Willard 106D. Active participation will be expected from attendees; please bring your laptops or tablets to receive hands-on instruction.


Please visit the links under each respective workshop title for registration; capacity is limited, so we recommend you register soon if you would like to attend! 


Friendly Reminder: Proposal Request Form 

Individuals serving as principal investigator on a CEHS-led proposal or co-investigator/collaborator on a grant proposal led by another college or external organization must submit a Proposal Request Form a minimum of 14 business days prior to the proposal due date.  Doing so ensures the timely routing of your proposal for review and approval by College administration, Central Sponsored Programs Administration (formerly known as University Research Services), Grants & Contracts Financial Administration, and, if required, University Research Compliance.      


Please address any questions or concerns regarding the information contained within Research Round-Up to Jonathan Myers at




Funding Opportunities

  • Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Grants Program

    The Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) is America’s flagship competitive grants program that provides funding for fundamental and applied research, education, and extension projects in the food and agricultural sciences. In this RFA, NIFA requests applications for the six AFRI priority areas through the Foundational and Applied Science Program for 2023-2024:

    • Plant health and production and plant products;
    • Animal health and production and animal products;
    • Food safety, nutrition, and health;
    • Bioenergy, natural resources, and environment;
    • Agriculture systems and technology; and
    • Agriculture economics and rural communities

    Match Required – If an applied Research or Integrated Project with an applied research component is commodity-specific and not of national scope, the grant recipient is required to match the USDA funds awarded on a dollar-for-dollar basis from non-federal sources with cash and/or in-kind contributions.


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Healthy Eating Research

    Healthy Eating Research (HER) is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) committed to building a Culture of Health through identifying effective strategies to improve children’s nutrition and weight. HER’s mission is to support and disseminate research on policy, systems, and environmental strategies that promote healthy eating among children and advance nutrition security and health equity. Some goals of the program are to: build a vibrant, inclusive, interdisciplinary research base in the areas of healthy food access, nutrition security, diet quality, and healthy weight; and communicate research findings to accelerate policy, systems, and environmental changes. HER issues calls for proposals (CFPs) to solicit scientifically rigorous, solution-oriented proposals from investigators representing diverse disciplines and backgrounds.


    Concept papers due 04/05/2023

    Invited proposals due 07/12/2023



  • American Society of Interior Designers Irene Winifred Eno Grant

    The Irene Winifred Eno Grant provides financial assistance to individuals or groups developing an educational program(s) or project that is dedicated to health, safety, and welfare. This grant will be evaluated on the strength of the project proposal, budget, promotion plan, and expected outcome.


    Due date – April 20, 2023



  • FAA Aviation Research Grant

    The FAA hereby announces its continuing interest in receiving applications for aviation research grants and cooperative agreements to pursue the long-term growth and short-term technical needs of civil aviation, under this funding opportunity. Eligibility of applicants for the award of an aviation research grant varies depending on the nature of the proposer's organization, as well as the character of the research being proposed. In general, colleges, universities, and other non- profit research institutions under Section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of United States Code, are eligible to apply for an aviation research grant.


    The FAA Aviation Research Grants Program encourages and supports innovative, advanced research of potential benefit to the long-term growth of civil aviation and commercial space transportation. The pursuit of basic and applied research in scientific and engineering disciplines that have the potential to further knowledge and understanding on a broad front of emerging technologies is crucial to the realization of this goal. The intent is to encourage applied research and development to enhance technology assimilation, transfer, and development in the FAA. The FAA Aviation Research Grants Program does not require the immediate application to Research and Development (R&D) programs, although this may occur in some cases. The FAA encourages the submission of proposals that embrace the entire spectrum of physical, chemical, biological, medical, psychological, mathematical, and engineering sciences.


    The following list illustrates topics of interest to those who may consider applying for a grant under this funding opportunity:


    1.      Capacity and Air Traffic Control Technology

    2.      Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance

    3.      Aviation Weather

    4.      Airports

    5.      Aircraft Safety Technology

    6.      Human Factors and Aviation Medicine

    7.      Systems Science/Operations Research


    Due date – July 7, 2023



  • National Council for Family Relations Olson Grant: Bridging Research, Theory, and Practice

    The purpose of the NCFR Olson Grant is to enable projects that bridge research, theory, and practice in Family Science — one of NCFR’s priorities as an organization.


    The grant of $10,000 will be awarded annually to an NCFR member(s). The grant funds will be awarded upon Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of the selected project. The results of the project will be presented as a special session at the NCFR Annual Conference the year following the awarding of the grant funds. (For example, a project awarded in 2023 is presented at the 2024 conference.) 


    Priority will be given to projects that relate to the Circumplex Model and/or the PREPARE/ENRICH Program. More specifically, research projects would use the FACES IV assessment and/or the Clinical Rating Scale, or the PREPARE/ENRICH couple database. To learn more about PREPARE/ENRICH and studies done with this assessment, go to the website ( and click on About>Research. For more information and studies on FACES, go to:


    To learn more about bridging research, theory, and practice, applicants are encouraged to review the NCFR webinar presented by Dr. Olson, “Circumplex Model and PREPARE/ENRICH: Bridging Research, Theory, and Practice” The webinar is available free to NCFR members.




    Due dates –April 5, 2023

  • Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP)

    Application Due: May 4th, 2023 

    The Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP) brings together food and healthcare systems stakeholders to improve the health and nutrition of participating households. NIFA requests applications for GusNIP to support and evaluate projects intended to increase the purchase of fruits and vegetables by providing incentives at the point of purchase among income-eligible consumers participating in the USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in all 50 States.  

    Apply here

  • CDC Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health

    The Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) program will award grants for projects designed to improve health, prevent chronic diseases, and reduce health disparities among racial and ethnic populations with the highest risk, or burden, of chronic disease, specifically for African Americans/Blacks, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and Alaska Natives.

    The program has 2 components:


    • Component A (required): Applicants must propose work in three strategy areas, which include nutrition, physical activity plus one from the following options:
      Continuity of care in breastfeeding support
      Supporting national standards related to nutrition, physical activity, and breastfeeding in early care and education (ECE) programs
      Supporting implementation of family healthy weight programs
      Tobacco prevention and control policies
    • Component B (optional): Adult Vaccinations - As an optional component, applicants may propose work that focuses on flu, COVID-19, and other adult vaccination programs.



    Application Deadline: April 11, 2023


    Applicant webinar
    February 22, 2023
    3:00 p.m. Eastern
    Meeting ID: 161 928 4823
    Passcode: 7NniXR4^

  • SAMHSA FY2023 Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health

    Application Due: Tuesday, March 21, 2023 

    The purpose of this program is to promote the wellness of young children, from birth to 8 years of age, by addressing the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral aspects of their development, as well as prepare them to thrive in school and beyond. The awards will also provide local communities or tribes resources to disseminate effective and innovative early childhood mental health practices and services. With this program, SAMHSA aims to promote resilience and emotional health for children, youth, and their families.


    Apply here. 
  • American Cancer Society AHEAD (Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Cancer Disparities) 

    The American Cancer Society (ACS) is committed to improving the lives of cancer patients and their families by enhancing access to quality cancer care and ensuring that all individuals have an equal chance to prevent, detect, treat, and survive cancer.  Toward this goal, ACS is announcing AHEAD (Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Cancer Disparities) Awards intended to fund pilot, first-in-field, innovative strategies that increase quality cancer screening, clinical trials—and cancer care closer to home.




    Due date – April 3, 2023

  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Research Grant

    The purpose of this call for proposals is to fund studies that increase understanding of professional development in Counselor Education and Supervision. Grants up to $3,000 are awarded to those who meet the criteria below and whose research is on the topic of Counselor Education or Supervision, specifically focusing on areas of Research, Teaching, Supervision, Professional Identity, or Leadership Development in Counselor Education. Other topics will not be considered.


    Due date: August 31, 2023



  • NEH Humanities Initiatives at Colleges and Universities

    Humanities Initiatives strengthen the teaching and study of the humanities at institutions of higher education by developing new or enhancing existing programs, resources (including those in digital format), or courses that explore, interpret, and preserve the diversity of human cultures, ideas, and practices, past and present.


    Projects must address a core topic or set of themes drawn from humanities areas such as history, philosophy, religion, literature, or humanities-informed composition and writing skills.


    NEH welcomes applications for projects that are modest in scope, duration, and budget, as well as applications for expansive, long-term projects.




    Deadline: May 9, 2023

  • 2023 Seeding Solutions Request for Applications

    The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) invites applications for its 2023 Seeding Solutions program. Awards range from $300,000 to $1 million. All grants require matching contributions equal to or greater than the FFAR funding request. Topic areas include:


    • Soil Health: Advanced understanding of what soil health is, how it is measured and how to manage and optimize the sustainable delivery of the ecosystem services which soils provide.
    • Sustainable Water Management: Interdisciplinary, model–based research to enhance terrestrial water quality and supplies and minimize linked environmental impacts while maximizing crop production through increased adoption of strategically placed and designed agricultural water management practices.
    • Next Generation Crops: Advanced breeding methods and development of biotic and abiotic stress tolerance for crops grown in organic and conventional cropping systems to increase farmer profitability and environmental resilience.
    • Advanced Animal Systems: Improved animal health, welfare and productivity, antibiotic stewardship, and environmental sustainability. We particularly encourage research with outcomes relevant to multiple species and/or One Health approaches that incorporate transdisciplinary research relevant to animals, humans and the environment.
    • Urban Food Systems: Elucidation of connections between urban food systems and the urban environment, in addition to the connections between rural and urban communities to improve food and nutritional security, human health outcomes, economic opportunities, and food system resiliency through transdisciplinary partnerships.
    • Health-Agriculture Nexus: Systems–level approaches (both technological and non–technological) aimed at reducing food and nutritional insecurity and improving human health in the United States and worldwide.
    • AgMission: Innovative research and integrated data systems to advance knowledge and adoption of Climate–Smart Agriculture practices, focusing on co–design with agricultural stakeholders and understanding enabling conditions for systems–level change.

    2023 Seeding Solutions Request for Applications - Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (

  • NASA EPSCoR Implementation Grants

    OK NASA EPSCoR has announced the solicitation for proposals for the NASA EPSCoR Research Implementation Grants. This is a three-year grant of $750,000 total funding. The 2021-2024 grant cycle will consist of a Letter of Intent (LOI), pre-proposal phase, and a full proposal phase.  A statewide NASA EPSCoR board will select projects from the LOIs, which will move forward through a preproposal stage.  One submitted preproposal will be selected to prepare a full proposal that will go forward to NASA. 


    The Letter of Intent is due March 7, 2023. The full description may be found at Research Implementation Grants (


    Questions may be directed to:

    Madeline Baugher

    Program Coordinator, NASA Oklahoma Space Grant/NASA Oklahoma EPSCoR

    Phone: (580) 774-3122 Fax (580) 774-7067

  • CDC State Physical Activity and Nutrition (SPAN) Program

    Application Due: March 28th, 2023 

    Recipients will work at the state level to implement evidence-based strategies that address health disparities related to poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and obesity.  Funding is for a five-year period, pending the continued availability of funding. No more than one eligible applicant per state will receive funding. Recipients will work collaboratively to leverage state investments, partnerships, and resources. They will work with various sectors such as agriculture, transportation, education, healthcare, parks/recreation, business, housing, and defense/military. The work will focus on strategies to:  

    • Promote nutrition guidelines.
    • Coordinate the expansion of existing fruit and vegetable voucher incentive and produce prescription programs.  
    • Design communities to increase access to physical activity.  
    • Implement policies and activities that achieve continuity of care for breastfeeding families.  
    • Integrate national obesity prevention standards into statewide Early Care and Education (ECE) systems and advance Farm to ECE programs. 

    Read the CDC Announcement Here

    Apply for the Grant Here

  • Career Development Opportunities for Research Within the Mission of the Division of Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute

    This NOSI from the NCI expresses continued interest in receiving Career Development Award applications from early career scientists conducting research within the mission of the Division of Cancer Prevention. The Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP) at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) supports research that advances the application of the mechanistic and scientific understanding of carcinogenesis and human biology towards interventions focused on cancer prevention, interception, screening and early detection, and symptom management. These mechanistic understandings can come from research conducted across basic science, epidemiology, behavioral, or clinical studies and by varied scientific disciplines. DCP also supports research spanning the full translational spectrum, from preclinical (e.g., cell and tissue culture, animal models) to clinical (e.g., small early phase clinical trials to large phase three studies) research.


    NOT-CA-23-035: Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Career Development Opportunities for Research Within the Mission of the Division of Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute (

  • Previous Funding Opportunities Still Open 

    NSF Racial Equity in STEM Education (EHR Racial Equity) - LINK

    NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Directorate for STEM Education (IUSE:EDU) - LINK

    NSF Development Sciences (DS) - LINK

    Providing Research Education Experiences to Enhance Diversity in the Next Generation of Substance Use and Addiction Scientists (R25) - LINK

    NSF Innovations in Graduate Education Program - LINK

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