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The link between diet and disease

Examining how nutrition can improve health outcomes
We characterize nutrient function and metabolism from the cellular to the whole-animal level to better understand how dietary intake can reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve health outcomes.
Student at the microscope

Cardiovascular health and chronic disease

Dr. Lucas’ research focuses on the role of nutrition, particularly phytochemicals, in promoting cardiovascular health and preventing and reducing chronic disease. She uses cell cultures and animal models to understand if and how bioactive food compounds can reduce chronic conditions and then applies the information learned to develop effective prevention strategies in humans.

Student Spotlight

Nutritional sciences master’s student Kendall Anderson took top honors at the 2018 OSU Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition with her presentation titled “Pecans: Altering communication between the gut and the immune system.”


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Dr. Dingbo Daniel Lin

Effects of nutrients on our health

Dr. Dingbo Daniel Lin, associate professor of nutritional sciences, studies how particular types of food can be beneficial to our health. Specifically, Dr. Lin is researching why obesity, diabetes, cancer and other disease is associated with lower levels of carotenoid in the body.

Associated Research Faculty

Meet our cellular and molecular nutrition research faculty:
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