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Oklahoma State University

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is concerned with all aspects of psychology pertaining to teaching and learning in educational settings. Educational psychologists are concerned with understanding how environments are structured to promote cognitive, personal, and social development broadly as well as learning motivation. The role of Educational Psychology is to bring together theory and research from psychology and related disciplines in order to facilitate healthy human development and effective learning and teaching.

Our faculty are committed to seeing our students as they are today with an eye toward who they will be tomorrow. Our Ph.D. program is designed to prepare graduates to teach in college or university settings, public education, and/or to do research in university, business, and government settings. The M.S. program is designed to help students develop the capabilities, knowledge, skills, and competencies that prepare them as effective professionals or attractive Ph.D. program applicants. Check out a bit of what we do here and here

EPSY Student: Dr. Emily Finney

Student Spotlight: Dr. Emily Finney

On March 29, 2019, Ms. Emily Finney successfully defended her dissertation, Examining teacher efficacy and sense of responsibility in relation to burnout in alternatively certified teachers, becoming DR. Emily Finney in the process. We wish her the best and we look forward to following her career. Congratulations Dr. Finney!  See past spotlights