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Education and Human Sciences

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Promote visually

We strive to post relevant and timely information for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Digital slides may promote events, programs, deadlines, news or other topics on a singular channel throughout our buildings.


  • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels or 14.58” wide x 7.97” tall
  • Resolution: 72 ppi minimum
  • File type: png, jpeg, pptx 
  • Word count: 30 words max per slide (slides only run for seven seconds each so brevity is important)
  • Font: A 32-point font (or larger) to maximize readability
  • Photos: High-resolution photos
  • Messages are posted for no longer than two weeks.
  • Selected messages (college-level events, key messages or deadlines) may be posted on the Great Hall Media Wall. 

Create your slide

You can create your own content using the template


Dissertation/Thesis Template

To begin creating your dissertation/thesis hall screen please choose either one of the design options provided. Fill in your information. If you choose the photo option, delete the current photo, and then click the icon that appears below it to replace it with your own image. Once your slide is complete, click the submit your slide button at the bottom of this page and upload your completed slide using the form.


With photo

Without photo

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