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When a flower does not bloom, repair the environment so the flower can grow. We do not focus on the flower; it inherently has all it needs to survive. —Heijer, 2018 

R is for Thursday Initiatives

The R is for Thursday Collective is a group of initiatives to equip individuals to support hidden college populations. Through targeted initiatives, we are always learning about (and from) students in order to advocate for organizational transformation. 

R is for Thursday Network

A research-led effort that creates knowledge and advocates for change that supports hidden college student populations. 

National Conference for Hidden Student Populations

National conference dedicated to the multidisciplinary area of study focused on hidden college student populations. 

Graduate Certificate in Hidden Student Populations

An online certificate framed by emerging research that builds students’ knowledge on shared topics across hidden student populations. 

The Scholar-Practitioner

Monthly online publication of research summaries that targets the knowledge gap for U.S. scholar and practitioner advocates for hidden college student populations. 


"Who" is a hidden population

Is time and context specific

Populations typically fall somewhere on a continuum of hidden through becoming visible. We focus on students who tend to have experiences with socially stigmatizing trauma. In general, hidden populations in higher education are not easily visually identified, do not have a formal space or voice and may be motivated to remain anonymous. 

Current hidden college populations on which we focus:

- Have histories in foster or other out-of-home care at age 13 or older

- Are survivors of sexual violence and/or sex trafficking, or have sexual violence as part of their origin story

- Are/have been sex workers

- Are/have been involved with the justice system (self or caregivers)

- Are recovering from substance addiction

- Do not have the resources to meet basic need of shelter

- Are Third Culture Individuals who are US born citizens and spent a significant portion of their adolescent years in another country

- Sought/seeking abortion care in a state where deemed illegal

Our Focus

Learn about the lived journeys of hidden populations and how we strive to better support success.

National Resources

More information about resources focused on hidden student populations.


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