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Our Populations

The original focus of R is for Thursday was solely on former foster youth who were college bound or in college. However, our work led to the recognition that members of this population seemed to share some critical components of their journeys with college student populations who are motivated to remain anonymous on campus. Students currently considered a part of hidden college populations, and therefore a focus for R is for Thursday, are those who:


  • Have histories in foster or other out-of-home care
  • Are facing housing insecurity
  • Do not have the resources to meet basic needs
  • Are/have been involved with the justice system
  • Are survivors of sexual violence
  • Are recovering
  • Are Third Culture Kids


Defining our populations

  • Foster care or out-of-home experiences: An individual, from any country, who was in foster care or in like out-of-home care (formally or practicably) at age 13 or older.
  • Housing insecurity: An individual who do not have adequate and/or permanent shelter.
  • Justice-involved: Individuals involved with the juvenile or adult judicial system in ways that result in criminal records.
  • Third Culture Kids: U.S. citizens who spent a significant portion of their adolescent development years in another country.
  • Survivors of sexual violence: Individuals who were victims of rape, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and related crimes, whether or not formally reported.
  • Recovering: Individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.


Research is currently ongoing at state and national levels.

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