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Oklahoma State University

Master of Science in Counseling

The Oklahoma State University Master’s of Science in Counseling program offers two options on both the Stillwater and Tulsa OSU Campuses: Mental Health Counseling (60 credits) and School Counseling (57 credits).

Our program provides full-time faculty proficient in counseling and counselor education as well as training centers on both campuses.

We are happy to offer a variety of counseling training opportunities designed to provide excellent training for becoming an effective counselor in a variety of setting.


 Student Spotlight
Chandler Yarborough

“This program is so much more than academic. Every professor encourages you to expand your mind and boundaries, and because of the focus on multiculturalism and social justice, I can truly say that I will leave this program prepared and confident to counsel and advocate for anyone who walks through my door.”


In 2016-2017, there were 41 graduates in the master’s counseling program at Oklahoma State University, with 36 in the mental health counseling program and 5 in the school counseling. Additionally, 88.1% of all graduates of the School Counseling option have passed the examination in the past 5 years. This is to be compared to a state-wide pass rate of 72.1% over the same period of time.  The pass rate of current graduates of the program who have taken the School Counseling certification exam is currently 75%.  The pass rate for the NCE exam for graduates of our program based on statistics through NBCC is 99%. Overall, Oklahoma State University has a vibrant and successful CACREP accredited counseling program training competent and prepared counselors.