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Oklahoma State University

Master of Science in Counseling

Counseling Cover Photo


The Oklahoma State University Masters in Counseling program offers two options on both the Stillwater and Tulsa Campuses: School Counseling (57 credits) and Mental Health Counseling (60 credits). We maintain a diverse full-time faculty with years of experience in counseling and counselor education as well as state-of-the-art counselor training centers on both campuses. Our program offers a variety of counseling training opportunities and experiences designed to provide excellent training for becoming an effective counselor in a variety of settings.

Student Spotlight: Mollie Stowe

Student Mollie Stowe

 "I’m grateful for all this program as afforded me, especially the mentorship and assistance from my professors. With their help, I’ve been able to serve others and become a better student, counselor, researcher and advocate. I look forward to continuing to expand my competency as a counseling professional."


In 2018-2019, there were 33 graduates in the master’s counseling program at Oklahoma State University, with 30 in the mental health counseling program and 3 in the school counseling. Additionally, 100% of our school counseling graduates over the past year have passed their school counselor certification exam. The pass rate for the NCE exam for graduates of our program is 98%.  Both of our programs have a 99% completion rate and average a 95-100% hiring rate.   Overall, Oklahoma State University has a vibrant and successful CACREP accredited counseling program training competent and prepared counselors.