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Oklahoma State University

Aviation and Space Degrees

Bachelor of Science

The B.S. in Aerospace Administration and Operations degree program offers four options: professional pilot, aviation management, technical services management and aerospace security. 

  • Aviation Management

    The aviation management option prepares students for management positions in the aerospace industry. Employment opportunities include positions with fixed-base operators, air carriers, corporate flight departments, commuter and air taxi operations and a variety of career areas associated with airport operations, manufacturing, maintenance and government aviation and aerospace organizations. The aviation management option is accredited by Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI). 
  • Aerospace Security

    The aerospace security option prepares students for careers in aviation/aerospace security management fields. Employment opportunities include governmental agencies and private industry that deal with aerospace security operations.
  • Professional Pilot

    The professional pilot option prepares students for careers in flight operations in both the general aviation and the air carrier segments of the aviation industry. Flight training offerings include a full spectrum of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airman certifications with private, instrument, commercial, multiengine, certified flight instructor, CFI-instrument and CFI-multiengine courses offered. Flight training at OSU is conducted under exacting FAA part 141 standards using a proprietary syllabus designed to emphasize automation, multiengine and “real world” operations.

    The aerospace administration and operations, professional pilot option is a fall entry only program with limited spaces available to ensure the program quality and safety.  Incoming first-year students are required to submit a supplemental application to be admitted into the professional pilot study option. Up to 75 total students qualify each fall semester for entry into the professional pilot study option and the associated flight training queue. Students must complete both the OSU Application for Undergraduate Admissions and the supplemental application for the professional pilot option, which is automatically sent to all students who select the aerospace administration and operations major, by November 1 to be considered for the program.  Entry decisions are announced by January 1.
Professional Pilot Online Application for Current Students

Thank you for your interest in OSU’s Aerospace Administration and Operations: Professional Pilot degree program. Industry demand has created unprecedented enrollment in our professional pilot degree option. To meet these demands without sacrificing our quality education or compromising student safety, current OSU students seeking to enter our program are required to submit an application for consideration and selection. Available positions in the professional pilot study option and associated flight training queue are limited and are fall-entry-only.

A completed supplemental application will include complete online submission of this Professional Pilot Secondary Application, as well as:

All updated academic transcripts (high school and college, if applicable)
Updated ACT/SAT scores (if fewer than 24 college credit hours earned)

Any updated high school transcripts, non-OSU college transcripts, and/or updated ACT/SAT scores should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at  All documents and completed responses to this online Professional Pilot Secondary Application must be submitted no later than November 1, 2019. A decision will be made and applicants notified before January 1, 2020.

If you have further questions, please contact us at 405-744-6350.

  • Technical Service Management

    The technical service management option builds on an individual's technical experience in aircraft maintenance or avionics to prepare the students for management positions in all segments of the industry. Twenty-five hours of technical training may be credited toward this option if received from an accredited institution.


Graduate Programs

  • Master of Science, Aviation and Space

    The Master of Science (M.S.) in Aviation and Space emphasizes management, leadership, legal and regulatory issues, finance, current issues and content regarding the space industry and related government programs and missions. Students participating in this program come from a variety of backgrounds including aviation, military and government. The scope of this degree program is designed to prepare professional leaders for positions in the aerospace industry.
  • Doctor of Education, Aviation and Space

    The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Applied Educational Studies with the aviation & space specialization emphasizes aviation leadership and executive development, administration of aviation institutions, aviation law, air carrier industry, international aviation issues and applied aviation and space research. The space portion emphasizes the development of air and space flight; the earth’s air, land and water systems; and the solar systems to include the sun, planets and probes. The aviation and space program seeks doctoral candidates with strong intellects, proper educational preparation, breadth and depth of aviation and space experiences and the capacity for disciplined investigations. The scope of this doctoral degree program is designed to prepare professional leaders for positions in the aviation/aerospace industry, as well as prepare future faculty members to instruct aviation/aerospace content within the higher education institution.