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Oklahoma State University

Space and Aviation Internships

Internship experience is central to the degree in Aviation and Space Program. An AVED internship experience benefits the student, the University and the affiliated Organization or host Internship site. Each benefits in different ways, just as each contributes to the learning process in different ways.

By understanding the goals and objectives of each party involved in the AVED Internship experience, everyone can better understand the role of each in the AVED Internship Program. Thus, the primary objectives for each party involved in the AVED Internship experience are found in the following sections.


By the end of the AVED Internship, the Intern will have had the opportunity to:

1) apply theories and techniques learned in the classroom to the appropriate professional environment;
2) develop experience-based knowledge to improve employment opportunities as well as potential for career advancement.
4) recognize her/his own leadership strengths in the field of aviation and space
5) develop new interests in the aviation and space professions


OSU has a responsibility to the students in internship courses in several areas. Through offering and facilitating internship experiences, the University will:

1) improve the educational process and enlarge the scope of the Aviation Education (AVED) curriculum;
2) provide a laboratory in which students have the opportunity to conduct research and apply theoretical knowledge;
3) provide a continuing opportunity for the evaluation of student needs, abilities, and progress

Undergraduate Internship Manual

Graduate Internship Manual