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We offer fall, spring and summer courses at various locations across Bartlesville. Topics change each semester and range from art, history, culture, cinema, cuisine and more.
OLLI students learning to make sushi

Bartlesville Fall 2021 Course Offerings


  • Mixed Medium/Acrylics

    Mondays, 1-3p | 6 Weeks | 9/13-10/18

    Format: Bartlesville, In Person
    Instructor: Debbie Finch, Artist

    Location: Bartlesville Art Association
    Important Info: Please note the early start date. Supply list provided upon registration.


    Designed especially for beginners, this workshop explores composition, underpainting, color and glazing to develop luminosity in your painting. Next, you’ll combine acrylics and art papers to create a mixed media piece. For the final two classes, decide on a project, landscape, floral or still life or explore the sub-conscious mind and create an abstract.

  • Basic Cake Decorating

    Monday, 1-3p | 1 Week | 10/25

    Format: Bartlesville, In Person
    Instructor: Ana Reeves, Cake Artist, Sugarica

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library
    Important Info: $10 supply fee made payable to instructor


    Like the look of those fancy cakes? Want to make some of your own? Ana Reeves of Sugarica will help us understand all the ins and outs of those clever cake designs.

  • NASA, Space Shuttles & the ISS

    Tuesdays, 1-3p | 8 Weeks | 9/21-11/9

    Format: Bartlesville, In Person

    Instructor: Gary Nealis, NASA Astrophysicist & Engineer

    Location: Bartlesville First Church


    Study NASA’s space shuttle flights concentrating on specific types of missions, such as communications satellite deployment and repair, the Hubble Space Telescope, Spacelab, missions to Mir and the building of the International Space Station. You’ll also learn about shuttle systems and operations and examine explanations of the Challenger and Columbia disasters.

  • Topics in World History

    Tuesdays, 10a-12p | 6 Weeks | 10/5-11/9

    Format: Bartlesville, In Person

    Instructor: Joe Todd, Historian

    Location: Bartlesville First Church


    History, in general, looks into how cultures develop over time, how they are influenced by one another or by isolation, the impacts of natural events such as weather and disease and innumerable other factors. On the other hand, world history looks at the big picture, searching for the global meaning of major events. Join us to explore world history topics such as the USS Oklahoma, Desert Storm, island hopping, prisoners of war and North Africa and Italy.

  • Cooking Sampler

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p | 8 Weeks | 9/22-11/10

    Format: Bartlesville, In Person

    Instructor: Various

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library
    Important Info: $20 supply fee


    Experience a variety of scrumptious dishes from around the world with our talented local chefs. We'll learn about Mexican, Philipino, Peruvian, Polish East Indian, Czech, American Indian and of course, home cooking. Bring your appetite!

  • Wreath Design

    Wednesday, 1-3p | 1 Week | 10/27

    Format: Bartlesville, In Person

    Instructor: Lynda Kliewer, Artist

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library

    Important Info: $45 supply fee made payable to instructor


    Beautiful wreaths are popular all year long. Local artist Lynda Kliewer will show us how to make our own for home and gifts.

  • Landscape Design Process

    Wednesday, 1-3p | 1 Week | 11/3

    Format: Bartlesville, In Person

    Instructor: Larry Glass, Landscaper

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library


    Looking for some tips and tricks to liven up your outdoor landscape? Larry Glass from Green Thumb Nursery will be your instructor for this interesting and informative class. Bring your questions!

  • American Apartheid: Hidden in Plain Sight

    Thursdays, 1-3p | 6 Weeks | 9/30-11/4

    Format: Bartlesville, In Person

    Instructor: Tom O'Connor, Director of Social and Criminal Justice, Building Bridges of Oklahoma

    Location: St. Luke's Episcopal Church

    Recommended Texts:

    • "The second coming of the KKK" Linda Gordon, Liveright Publishing
    • "Just Mercy" Bryan Stevenson, Spiegel & Grau
    • "I am not Your Negro" James Baldwin, Vintage International
    • "A Colony in a Nation" Chris Hays, Norton and Company
    • "Black Wall Street" Hannibal B. Johnson, Eakin Press

    What’s the big deal if some state legislatures (Oklahoma’s included) ban teaching critical race theory making educators leery to even discuss systemic racism in the classroom? How does that relate to the banning of education for enslaved Americans in 1831? What do the end of the Civil War and the south’s Jim Crow laws have to do with northern complicity? We’ll look at the surprisingly sophisticated ways racism is built into our culture and how white people may not even see it.

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