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We offer fall, spring and summer courses at various locations across Bartlesville. Topics change each semester and range from art, history, culture, cinema, cuisine and more.
OLLI students learning to make sushi

Bartlesville Summer 2024 Course Offerings

Course registration now open!
  • BS24-0421 Dalton Museum & Brown Mansion Tour

    Thursday, 10a-3p | 5/30

    Format: Tours

    Location: At location

    Important Info: $25 both levels. $30 nonmembers. Registration required.

    Price in catalog was a misprint.


    On October 5, 1892, the Dalton Gang tried to rob two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas, simultaneously. The gang was made up of Grat, Bob and Emmett Dalton; Bill Power and Dick Broadwell. As the gang crossed the plaza to enter the two banks, the Daltons were recognized by townspeople, who raised the alarm. Citizens armed themselves with weapons from nearby hardware stores and were ready for the gang when they tried to leave the banks. The Dalton Defenders & Coffeyville History Museum is the realization of a dream of many Coffeyville citizens who wished to honor the defenders. Those who worked to establish the Historical Society understood the importance of collecting items relating not only to the Dalton raid but also to early-day life in the area.


    This day trip will include visits to both the Dalton Defenders Museum & Coffeyville History Museum and the Brown Mansion.


    Fee does not include lunch.

  • BS24-0431 Nowata History Tour

    Thursday, 10a-3p, 1wk | 6/6

    Format: Tour

    Location: At location

    Important Info: $10 both levels. $15 nonmembers. Registration required. Fee does not include lunch.

    Established in 1969 through the efforts of the Nowata County Extension Club Cultural Arts Program, the Nowata County Historical Society Museum is located in the original Landers Supermarket.  As you browse through the large number of exhibit areas dedicated to specific topics related to the county, you will see life reflected in different aspects from Indian Territory Days, early pioneer days on to the present. Since its beginnings, the museum has grown into one of the largest in the region. In addition to exhibits inside, there is a display of early oil field equipment.


    We'll also tour the Glass Mansion, a time capsule of elegance and eloquence from days gone by. Additionally, we'll take a tour of the Nowata First Presbyterian Church. Built in 1908, it is the oldest church in Nowata and boasts domed architecture and historic stained glass windows. We'll have a rest between tours and eat lunch at the Depot Cafe.


    Ride share TBD.


  • BS24-211 Protecting The Honeybee and Our Food Chain

    Tuesdays, 10a-12p, 2wks | 5/21 & 5/28
    Format: Presentation
    Instructors: Paul Gustafson, Environmental Preservation Advocate
    Location: MOVED TO ONLINE
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $15


    The honeybee’s pollination has a direct impact on our food chain, yet the number of hives is declining around the world. In this class, we’ll address the importance of preserving and increasing honeybee hives. We’ll also address the ways in which humans and honeybees can symbiotically protect and benefit one another. You’ll have an understanding of honeybee colonies and how beekeepers encourage honeybee proliferation. You’ll learn what actions can be taken by individuals and groups to intentionally foster an increase in honeybee colonies in the U.S. and how to physically start and support new honeybee colonies, as well as and local education options in your neighborhood and community.

  • BS24-212 Our Home: Our Wild Earth

    Tuesdays, 1:30-3:30p, 4wks | 5/21-6/11
    Format: Lecture
    Gary Nealis, Retired NASA astrophysicist and engineer

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library, Room C NOTE - 6/11 class will be in Room B
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Let’s take a look at this rock we live on. We’ll start with basic statistics of the Earth, including the evolution and structure of our planet. We’ll discuss the effects of solar wind, coronal mass ejections, cosmic rays and how our atmosphere protects us. We’ll look at tides and eclipses. Then, we’ll shake things up with plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, and we’ll finish by discussing wild weather (weather fronts, cloud types, el nino/la nina, hurricanes and tornadoes).

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