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We offer fall, spring and summer courses at various locations across Bartlesville. Topics change each semester and range from art, history, culture, cinema, cuisine and more.
OLLI students learning to make sushi

Bartlesville Fall 2022 Course Offerings

Course registration open now.


  • Mixed Media Painting

    Mondays, 10a-12p | 6wks | 9/19-10/24

    Format: Hands-on
    Instructor: Debbie Finch, Artist

    Location: Bartlesville Art Association
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25. Supply list provided upon registration.


    Designed especially for beginners, this workshop explores composition, underpainting, color and glazing to develop luminosity in your painting. Next, you’ll combine acrylics and art papers to create a mixed media piece. For the final two classes, decide on a project, landscape, floral or still life or explore the subconscious mind and create an abstract.

  • Don’t Die of Dysentery!  Survival Hacks for the Oregon Trail

    Monday, 1:30-3:30p | 6wks | 9/19-10/24

    Format: Lecture
    Instructor: Kyle Thoreson, Director Osage Hills Park

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    You’ve sold your house. You’ve said goodbye to all your friends. And now you’re ready to hit the Oregon Trail ... Or are you? Improve your odds of reaching the Willamette Valley alive by taking this six-week primer. This course will be chock full of tips, tricks and trail hacks to improve your chance of success on the overland journey. You’ll learn how to load and fix your wagon, cross rivers safely, barter more effectively, make the best foods for the trail and much more! Don’t die of dysentery — take this class.

  • Town Hall Meetings | Free to attend

    Tuesday, 10a-12p | 7wks | 9/20-11/1

    St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Bartlesville


    September 20 l Year-Round Music
    Mikala Curless
    Development Director | OKM Music


    Learn how this organization evolved from a Mozart festival to include everything from classical and contemporary music to bluegrass, gospel and popular music. Development Director Mikala Curless will also discuss the group’s year-round programming, music scholarship and outreach events. 


    September 27 l Celebrating 40 Years
    Val Callaghan
    Managing Director | Bartlesville Community Center


    As the Center celebrates its 40th year, Managing Director Val Callaghan will describe how this cultural and educational facility strengthens the culture and economy of the city. She will discuss the Center’s past 40 years of art, architecture, history and programming, as well as the celebratory events planned. 


    October 4 l Films and Tourism
    Maria Swindell Gus
    Executive Director | Visit Bartlesville


    Get the scoop on the film industry in Oklahoma, including past film projects in the Bartlesville area and upcoming plans for the Oklahoma film incentive. Maria Swindell Gus will also discuss the tourism outlook for the area and give an update on plans to grow visitation in the coming year. 


    October 11 l The State of the City
    Dale Copeland | Mayor | City of Bartlesville 
    Mike Bailey | City Manager | City of Bartlesville 


    Get an update directly from the mayor and city manager on city operations, including planned street and parks improvements, public safety operations, water and wastewater upgrades and how municipalities finance operations. 


    October 18 l Chat with the Fire Chief
    David Topping
    Fire Chief | City of Bartlesville 


    He’s been in the top job for a little over a year now. Hear from Fire Chief David Topping on how things are going, what it’s like to be Fire Chief and other updates from the Fire Department. 


    October 25 l Market Update
    Josh Randolph | Regional Manager and Executive Vice President
    Scott Hopson | Investment Officer | Arvest Wealth Management


    Get the latest market and economic update from Arvest Wealth Management’s Josh Randolph and Scott Hopson. They will discuss how current events, corporate earnings reports and political activity impact the markets and the U.S. economy. 


    November 1 | The Sheriff’s Office
    Jon Copeland
    Undersheriff | Washington County


    Learn about the functions of the sheriff’s office, including operation of the county detention center, calls for service in the unincorporated parts of the county, civil paper and protective order services, investigations, transport and courthouse security, and serving as the legal enforcing arm of the district court.

  • Acting Up: Acting Class with Joe Sears

    Tuesday, 1:30-3:30p | 6wks | 9/20-10/25

    Format: Participation
    Instructor: Joe Sears, Tony-nominated actor

    Location: Theater Bartlesville

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Learn about all areas of acting including extras and small speaking parts in film. We’ll explore acting techniques for the character actor, improvisational fun exercises, melodrama theatre acting and musical comedy acting. We’ll play theatre games such as the longstanding “Liars Club” as a favorite. Class members do not have to participate and can remain as observers only, if desired. Watching others can be as much fun as doing it.

  • International Cooking

    Wednesday, 10a-12p | 5wks | 9/21-10/19

    Format: Participation
    Instructor: Various

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25. Supply Fee: $20


    Are you up for a culinary adventure? We’ve invited some gifted locals to share their culture through food. In this cooking demonstration class, you’ll enjoy learning new recipes and preparation techniques with tastings to follow. Each week, we’ll explore a variety of flavors and learn about food.

  • Wine Tasting

    Wednesday, 1:30-3:30p | 3wks | 9/21-10/5

    Format: Participation
    Instructor: Katherine Powell, Sommelier

    Location: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25. Supply Fee: $30. Max 12 students


    Life is a cabernet! People who enjoy wine also enjoy tasting and describing the wines they experience. Join Sommelier Katherine Powell to learn the basics of wine tasting and evaluation. Powell will provide a brief description of wine history, processes and wine classifications. Students will then dive into using their senses to discover unique characteristics of a variety of wines. Enrollment is limited, so don’t delay.

  • Life 101: Living and Dying

    Thursday, 10a-12p | 6wks | 9/22-10/27

    Format: Presentation
    Instructor: Various

    Location: Green Country Village

    Important Info: Free


    This multi-week health focused, symposium style course will feature professionals covering topics such as caregiving, hospice care, end-of-life arrangements, cancer, physical therapy and other subjects that are good to know at any age for oneself and loved ones. Full list of presenters and topics available on the OLLI course and enrollment webpage.

  • The Pioneers Who Rest at White Rose Cemetery

    Thursday, 1:30-3:30p | 6wks | 10/6-11/10

    Format: Lecture
    Instructor: Kim Inman, Cemetery Relations Coordinator, City of Bartlesville

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    In 1901, it was said that Bartlesville ceased being a trading post. A growing population brought entrepreneurs and a business explosion. Three smelter operations, an ice plant, cement plant and brick plant were established. By statehood in 1907, it was an active city with some 9,000 residents from different walks of life, but one thing they have in common is their final resting place, White Rose Cemetery. From the smelter worker to the lawman to the outlaws of the day, you’ll learn about the hardships, joys, and dreams of these determined people.

  • International Women of Bartlesville

    Wednesday, 1:30-3:30p | 4wks | 10/19-11/9

    Format: Presentation
    Instructor: Various

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    What does it take to relocate to a new continent? How does it feel living where folks can’t pronounce your name? What’s weird about Americans? Let’s hear firsthand stories from new immigrants, as well as stories of being raised by immigrants. You’ll love this lineup of amazing women. Full list of presenters and topics available on the OLLI course and enrollment page.

  • Let’s Do Lunch: Bartlesville Restaurant Crawl

    See Description 10a-12p | 3wks | 10/26-11/8

    Format: Participation
    Instructor: Various

    Location: At each restaurant.

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $10 | Attendees pay for their meals.


    It’s time to get out of the house. We’ve spent too much time at home feeling the isolation of a global pandemic, so how about some lunch dates? In this course, we’ll meet for lunch at a different restaurant each week. At each location, we’ll learn about the history of the restaurant, the owner, all about the food, and the generations of cooks who inspired the menus. Most importantly, we’ll eat.

  • Beginning Embroidery

    Mondays 10a-12p | 1wk | 10/31 and 11/7

    Format: Hands-on
    Instructor: Gay Cooper, Owner, Sew Uptown Quilt Shop

    Location: Bartlesville Art Association

    Important Info: A La Carte Fee: $10. Supply fee of $20 is payable to instructor and includes embroidery guide, fabric, floss, needles and hoop.


    In this class we will stitch a small sampler to learn the basic embroidery stitches, such as outline stitch, French knot, lazy daisy stitch and buttonhole. We will also start a small project using these stitches. This class will take place on dates listed.

  • English Paper Piercing

    Thursdays 10a-12p | 1wk | 11/10

    Format: Hands-on
    Instructor: Gay Cooper, Owner, Sew Uptown Quilt Shop

    Location: Bartlesville Art Association

    Important Info: A La Carte Fee: $10. Supply fee of $5 is payable to instructor and includes needle, thread, hexagon papers and fabric.


    In this class we will learn English paper piecing, which is a form of hand stitching where you fold fabric around a paper template. It’s especially fun for those who enjoy hand sewing, plus it’s a portable art that you can take on the go.

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