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We offer fall, spring and summer courses at various locations across Bartlesville. Topics change each semester and range from art, history, culture, cinema, cuisine and more.
OLLI students learning to make sushi

Bartlesville Fall 2023 Course Offerings

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  • BF23-0470 Dewey Day Trip: Travel to a Different Century

    Thursday, 9:30a-4p, 1wk | 11/2

    Format: Participation
    Instructor: Joe Sears, Tony-nominated Actor

    Location: Dewey, Oklahoma

    Important Info: $25 (both levels), $35 non-members


    We’ll start with a personalized tour of the beautifully restored 1900 “Grand Old Lady of the Prairie” Dewey Hotel with local expert and reenactor Joe Sears. We’ll cross the street to tour the Tom Mix Museum, honoring the first cowboy mega movie star before there were “talkies.” Lunch will be at Sabores Mexican Restaurant, and we’ll close the day at Prairie Song, a 19th Century Old West town complete with saloon, post office, general store, chapel, doctor's office and more. Fee does not include lunch.

  • BF23-111 Cooking Innovations CANCELED

    Mondays, 10a-12p, 6wks | 9/18-10/30, no class 10/16
    Format: Presentation

    Instructor: Stacey Dawson, OSU Extension Educator

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Interested in the latest kitchen cooking methods? Each week, we’ll complete different types of food preparations, including the use and benefits of air fryers, instant pots and crock pots. We’ll also review freezer techniques, food safety, meal prep and budgeting.

  • BF23-211 Bartlesville Town Hall

    Tuesdays, 10a-12p, 8wks | 9/19-10/31
    Format: Presentation
    Instructors: Various
    Location: Bartlesville Public Library
    Important Info: Free, Registration required


    Join us to hear from various speakers on timely topics, such as organizational tips for appraising, selling and donating your items; an introduction to magic principles, the Reda Pump story, history of Osage Hills, Voice of the Martyrs ministry, the history of Dewey, and more. A full list of presenters and topics is available on the OLLI course enrollment website. 


    September 19 | Organizational Tips for Appraising, Selling and Donating Your Items

    Martha Calaniese, GIA-certified jeweler


    September 26 | Introduction to Magic Principles

    Pete Waltersheid, Professional Magician


    October 3 | Reda Pump Company: A Personal Journey

    Joe Williams, Management Consultant, Writer and Editorial Advisor


    October 10 | The Start and Times of Dewey OK

    Jack Fleharty, GIA - Certified Gemologist & Former Vice-President and President, of the Washington Co. Historical Society


    October 17 | OSU Extension Master Gardeners

    Kennedy McCall, Extension Educator Ag/4

    October 24 | The Voice of Martyrs

    Jonathan Ekman, Chief of International Ministry Strategy & Partnerships for The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM)


    October 31 | Osage Hills History

    Kyle Thoreson, Park Ranger, Osage Hills State Park

  • BF23-212 Movies: Living in America, the Immigrant Perspective

    Tuesdays, 1:30-4p, 4wks | 9/19-10/10
    Format: Presentation

    Instructor: Sidney Brammer, Writer and Director

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Join us as we watch and discuss four beautiful, funny and moving films about the experience of being an immigrant in the United States: Lee Isaac Chung's Minari (starring Steven Yeun, Youn Yuh-jung and filmed in Oklahoma); Gregory Nava's Mi Familia (starring Edward James Olmos, Esai Morales and Jimmy Smits); John Crowley's Brooklyn (starring Saorise Ronan); and Mira Nair's Mississippi Masala (starring Sarita Choudhury and Denzel Washington).

  • BF23-252 Wine Tasting: Wines of the Northwest

    Tuesdays, 1:30-3:30p, 3wks | 10/17-11/7, no class 10/24
    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Katherine Powell, Sommelier

    Location: St. Luke's Episcopal Church
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25. Supply Fee: $30 (both levels). Max 15 people.


    Washington (with more than 1,000 wineries and 400 vineyards) and Oregon (with more than 800 wineries and 1,100 vineyards) are the second and third largest U.S. wine producers behind California. Latitudes of these wineries are comparable to the latitudes of some of the world’s most famous vintners in France. We’ll explore the rich history of these northwest wineries and use the deductive method of wine tasting to recognize and characterize the excellent wines of that region. No wine tasting experience needed. 

  • BF23-311 Strategies to Promote Brain Health and Mental Balance (Live Feed)

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p, 8wks | 9/20-11/8

    Format: Lecture

    Instructors: Michael Patterson, Creative Aging Specialist

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    This course will review the risk and protective factors associated with the Behavioral Roots of Brain Health. Learn a framework for overcoming mental confusion and conflict by cultivating healthy and positive mindsets and mental dispositions. Topics covered include using your mind to manage autonomic nervous system, mental exercise and stimulation, mind balancing, managing mindsets and mental dispositions, habits, routines, creativity and more. 

  • BF23-352 Carved In Stone: Gravestone Graphics and Cemetery Customs (Live Feed)

    Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30p, 4wks | 10/18-11/8

    Format: Lecture
    Instructor: Luann Sewell Waters, Educator

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    When you visit a cemetery, you enter a world where a secret language tells the story of the dead...and the living. Gravestones are rich in a language of symbol that changes over time, which can make it difficult to interpret original meanings. By studying the symbols and customs, especially those in Oklahoma, you’ll learn more than names and dates. You’ll glean histories, genealogy, social membership and occupations. You’ll also learn about science, art and historic architecture. You might even glimpse some residents’ thoughts on an afterlife.

  • BF23-411 Cherokee Old Settlers (Live Feed) CANCELED

    Thursdays, 10a-12p, 6wks | 9/21-10/26
    Format: Lecture

    Instructor: Jonita Mullins, Historian and Author

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    For thirty years before the infamous Trail of Tears in 1839, the Cherokees had slowly been migrating west. These early settlers in Indian Territory came to be called “Old Settlers.”  They built a life for themselves in the West, but when the Trail of Tears brought the eastern Cherokees to Indian Territory, the clash between the two groups brought their nation to the brink of their own civil war.

  • BF23-422 The Silent Journey: Untold Stories from the Past

    Thursdays, 1:30-3:30p, 3wks | 9/28-10/12
    Format: Lecture

    Instructor: Andy Taylor, Newspaperman and Author

    Location: Bartlesville Public Library
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Have you heard the story of Shangri-La in Oklahoma and the murders on the night of statehood in 1907? How about a woman named Narcissa to whom the Cherokee Nation owes its history? Or the Bartlesville actor named Nip, whose tale is the greatest untold crime story in the history of Oklahoma and Kansas. Hear these tales from a dogged reporter who has spent his career investigating regional history and knows where the bodies are buried. 

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