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We now offer numerous online courses for those who do not with to attend in person or at a telecast location. Course descriptions and additional information provided in the course catalog below.
OLLI students learning to make pottery

Online Fall 2021 Course Offerings

Via Zoom


  • We Are What We Eat: A History of Food

    Mondays, 10a-12p | 8 Weeks | 9/20-11/8

    Instructor: Dr. Marten Brienen, OSU faculty School of Global Studies & Partnerships and Dr. Bailey Norwood, OSU Agricultural Economics

    Important Info: Suggestions for further reading will be provided throughout the course.


    Using the adage “you are what you eat,” we’ll examine human history and society through the lens of food. We’ll discover how food has shaped society, the effect of agriculture on evolution, how trade and migration influenced what we eat, the food’s role in class differences, pastoralism’s impact on culture differences and more.

  • Little House on the Prairie

    Mondays, 1-3p | 8 Weeks | 9/20-11/8
    Instructor: Shanley Wells-Rau, Writer


    Let’s revisit Laura Ingalls Wilder’s first book in the series, Little House in the Big Woods, while also exploring history to contextualize her family’s experiences described in the book. We’ll read together, discuss our personal connections to the story and discover what the Laura scholars have to say. 

    Pre-reading Little House on the Prairie is recommended.

  • Exploring Themes Within the Gilcrease Museum Collections

    Tuesdays, 10a-12p | 8 Weeks | 9/21-11/9

    Instructor: Various (full list on registration page) and Gilcrease Docents


    Get an insider’s view as we cover a different theme each week and examine related art and archival materials from the Gilcrease collection. We’ll cover topics such as How Do Artists “See” the Night?; National Parks; Landscapes; A Horse of Course!; Portraits; When Western Rivers Flowed Wild and Free; Wildlife; and How Do Artists Portray Women?

  • Yoga Basics

    Tuesdays, 10a-12p | 4 Weeks | 9/21-10/12

    Instructor: Karen Thomas, Certified Yoga Instructor


    In this introductory class, you will move your body and use your breath to become consciously aware of your balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. We’ll practice different styles of meditation for mindfulness, focus and serenity. Along with the meditation, journaling will help keep our chattering minds more centered and intentional. Each class will include basic yoga asana (poses), breathing techniques for energy and balance, as well as a variety of meditation techniques and journaling. This class is for a beginner practitioner or someone who has an interest in the world of yoga.

  • How the Holidays Saved the Arts

    Tuesdays, 10a-12p | 4 Weeks | 10/19-11/9

    Instructor: Ruth Charnay, Theatre Professor


    Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and see how A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker, Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, Amahl, Night Visitors and other favorites became the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season—and how the arts have used these nuggets to support the rest of their season.

  • NASA, Space Shuttles & the ISS

    Tuesdays, 1-3p | 8 Weeks | 9/21-11/9

    Instructor: Gary Nealis, NASA Astrophysicist & Engineer


    Study NASA’s space shuttle flights concentrating on specific types of missions, such as communications satellite deployment and repair, the Hubble Space Telescope, Spacelab, missions to Mir and the building of the International Space Station. You’ll also learn about shuttle systems and operations and examine explanations of the Challenger and Columbia disasters.

  • Your Brain Is an Unreliable Narrator

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p | 3 Weeks | 9/22-10/6

    Instructor: Ken Seidel, Educator


    Why do our brains so easily ruminate on the negative or linger over conspiracy theories? In this class, we’ll explore and examine some of the recent neuroscience that explains how and why our brains may act the way they do. We’ll also examine what we can do to reduce our own brain’s vulnerability.

  • Medicare 101

    Thursdays, 1-3p | 3 Weeks | 9/23-10/7 —FREE

    Instructor: Paige Scheuerman, Outreach Coordinator, Medicare Assistance Program, Oklahoma Insurance Department


    In this comprehensive review, you’ll find everything (and we mean everything) you need to know about the Medicare Program. Paige Scheuerman will provide you with complete and accurate information on Part A, B, C and D, Medigap Policies, eligibility, enrollment and more.

  • Women of WWII

    Thursdays, 10a-12p | 4 Weeks | 9/30-10/21

    Instructor: Dr. Denise Neil, Executive Director, 45th Infantry Museum


    Women's contributions during World War II were unprecedented. The Allied Forces could not have defeated the Axis Powers without the contributions of women on the home front, in factories and in the military. We’ll focus on the roles women played in the U.S. from the bombing of Pearl Harbor until the end of the war.

  • Free Family History

    Thursdays, 10a-12p | 4 Weeks | 10/28-11/18

    Instructor: Jan Davis, Oklahoma Libraries and Chad Williams, Oklahoma History Center

    Important Info: Final class online only.


    Exploring your family and community history becomes easier each day as more and more historical records collections are digitized and made accessible online. Learn about what Oklahoma libraries, archives and museums, along with other institutions around the nation, are doing to bring your family and community history to your fingertips.

  • Medicare ABCs

    Friday, 10a-12p | 1 Week | 10/1 — FREE

    Instructor: Jae Oh, Managing Principal of GH2 Benefits, LLC., Founder and Chairman, Great Humanity Healthcare Foundation


    Let’s clear up many frequently-told myths about Medicare, the cornerstone to retirement planning in the U.S. This information-only session will cover how Medicare actually works and how a person plans and considers if and when to enroll in Medicare. The goal is to ensure that people focus on the most important aspects of Medicare, frequently not explained in the media or advertisements. Be sure to learn about special rights and options available year-around, including at the time the session occurs.

  • Have You Checked Your 'Personality' Lately?

    Friday, 10a-12p | 1 Week | 10/15 — FREE

    Instructor: Doug Stowell, National OLLI Instructor


    What are your personality traits? Would others agree with you? Try some short personality quizzes just for fun and reflection (you don’t have to divulge the outcomes). We’ll do the Sherwin Williams Color Preference, the Enneagram and a Meyers-Briggs initial quiz along with a couple others. Then, we’ll poll the class to discover the range of personas they indicate.

  • What in the World is Going On? A Top 10 Summary of 2021

    Friday, 10a-12p | 1 Week |11/12 — FREE

    Instructor: Doug Stowell, National OLLI Instructor


    In this one-time session, we’ll compare the U.S. rankings in more than 25 key global categories, including economic factors, the environment, energy sources, healthcare, marriage, divorce, birth rates, life expectancy, education levels, paid vacations, population trends, religion, immigration, prosperity, murder and crime, trends and much more.


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