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Summer 2021
We are offering three unique opportunities for our members this summer. Join us for multi-week, online courses and single lectures via Zoom as well as in-person tours across Oklahoma. Course descriptions and additional information provided in the course catalog below.
OLLI students learning to make pottery

Summer 2021 Course Catalog


Online Course Offerings

These multi-week courses are delivered via Zoom unless otherwise noted. 


  • Painting with Soft Pastels

    Mondays, 1-2:30p | 5/17 - 6/14 | 4-Week Participation

    Instructor: Fatemeh Kian

    Format: Zoom


    Working on sanded paper, explore the wonderful world of soft pastels. Develop your drawing skills and experiment with painting, blending and mark making techniques. Subject matter may include still life and photo reference. No previous experience is necessary to enjoy this class.


    Important Info: Participants are responsible for providing their own supplies.

  • Contemplative Walking

    Mondays and Thursdays, 9-10:30a | 5/17 - 6/17 | 5-Week Participation
    Instructor: Haridas Heitz

    Format: Zoom


    Slow down. Go outside. Cultivate openness to the world around you. Practice the art of contemplation and learn how to combine it with meditative walking. Participants will meet on Zoom twice a week for up to 90 minutes with the instructor to discuss theory and practice. Then, participants will take walks in their own locales or with Haridas in Stillwater. This gentle art will soon become a cherished time in your busy life.  


    Important Info: Class meets online for lecture and discussion. Walks are independent of class time. No class on 5/31.

  • Fire in Beaulah

    Tuesdays, 3-4:30p | 5/18 - 6/1 | 3-Week Book Discussion

    Instructor: Pat Cawiezell

    Format: Zoom


    In 1921 from May 31 to June 1, a prosperous African-American community in Tulsa was assaulted and destroyed, with hundreds of citizens murdered in cold blood by white Tulsans. Against all odds and with nothing more than their own resources, Greenwood’s citizens rebuilt their community from the ashes. To honor the memory of Greenwood’s residents, we invite you to join us in reading and discussing the novel Fire in Beulah as we commemorate the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre. The discussion is facilitated by staff at Magic City Books (Tulsa), and we encourage you to purchase the book from their online store. Author Rilla Askew will join us for the May 25 class to talk about the book and the historic significance of these events.


    Important Info: Participants are responsible for providing their own copy of the book.

  • The U.S. Census: Searching for Genealogy, History and Fun

    Tuesdays, 11a-12:30p | 5/18 - 6/1 | 3-Week Discussion

    Instructor: Becky Hatchett

    Format: Zoom


    The U.S. Census is an essential resource for anyone interested in genealogy or American history. We’ll begin with an overview of the census from its beginning in 1790 right up to 1940, which is the most recent publicly available census. We'll talk about terminology, deciphering the handwriting of the census takers and the types of questions that were asked in each census. Discover free sources for digitized census records and general background and learn how to follow the census backwards to discover earlier ancestors, trace their movements and answer other genealogical questions. This course will enhance your understanding of American history, including such areas as family and neighborhood dynamics, changing occupations and Western migration.

  • The New Climate and the Global Poor

    Wednesdays, 11a-12:30p I 5/19 - 6/2 | 3-Week Discussion

    Instructor: Bruce and Marian Langhus

    Format: Zoom


    Examine the scope of the crisis awaiting the poor around the world as a consequence of our new climate, including loss of water resources and sea-level rise, as well as a scenario of mitigation to reduce greenhouse gases. Learn the general effects of the new climate locally and around the world followed by detailed discussions of (1) deterioration of clean water resources in the US and on a global scale, (2) rapid tidal encroachment and erosion of coastal areas and (3) a plan to reduce greenhouse gases in the near term. This course will emphasize on-going climate effects on today's world and the disproportionate effects on the poor and homeless.

  • Greer Garson: MGM’s Golden Girl

    Thursdays, 3-4:30p | 5/20 - 6/17 | 5-Week Discussion

    Instructor: Vickie Sturgeon

    Format: Zoom


    British actress Greer Garson was known for her elegant manner, intelligence, refined acting style and beautiful speaking voice. She received seven Academy Award nominations, including a record-tying five consecutive nominations (1941–45) in the Best Actress category, winning the award for her performance in the title role of the 1942 film Mrs. Miniver. Garson was a major star at MGM, popularized during the Second World War for her portrayal of strong women on the home front and listed by the Motion Picture Herald as one of America's top-ten box office draws from 1942 to 1946. Our class will focus on the films that made Greer Garson, including: Good-Bye Mr. Chips, Pride and Prejudice, Mrs. Miniver, Random Harvest and Madame Curie.


    Important Info: Participants are responsible for watching films via Netflix, Amazon or other online provider prior to the class discussion. Class will not meet 5/27, but a makeup day will be held 6/24.

  • Watercolors in the Garden (in-person class in Stillwater)

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p | 5/26 - 6/16 | 4-Week Participation

    Instructor: Tandi Memmott

    Location: Art on 6th | 2007 W 6th Ave Stillwater, OK


    This summer, let's take advantage of good weather and the OSU Botanic Garden. We'll take sketchbooks and watercolors en plein air (i.e., outside!) to draw and paint from life. Tandi will demonstrate techniques, and you'll have time to enjoy the garden as you do some sketching and painting of your own. Meet at the gardens for quick sketches then use them in the studio for watercolor paintings.


    Important Info: Participants are responsible for purchasing their own supplies, including sketchbook (9x12), watercolor book (9x12), watercolor sets, brushes, pencil, kneaded eraser, plastic lidded cup for water and paper towels.

  • A Hands-On 3D Printing Experience (in-person class on the OSU-Stillwater campus)

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 1-2:30p | 6/8, 6/9, 6/10 | 1-Week Participation

    Instructor: Wendy Hall

    Location: ENDEAVOR at OSU-Stillwater | 201 Advanced Technology Research Center


    We’re very excited to offer this in-person, hands-on lab experience at ENDEAVOR on the OSU-Stillwater campus! 3D printed objects are made by laying down successive layers of material, similar to thinly sliced cross-sections, until the object is completed. It all starts with a 3D model, created from the ground up or downloaded from a 3D library such as Thingiverse. At ENDEAVOR, you’ll begin by learning the safety procedures for using the printers. Then, they’ll show you how to use the printers by learning the slicing software, how to orientate your part, adding supports and what material to choose for best results. We’ll then move on to operation of the printer, where you’ll get hands on experience as you learn the importance of bed leveling, nozzle and bed temperatures, as well as weighing spools.


    Important Info: Space is limited to 15 participants, so please register early. Participants must wear pants and closed toe shoes. No food or drinks are allowed in the labs.


Single Lectures

All lectures are delivered online via Zoom.


  • NASA @ OSU

    5/17 | 1-2:30p | Presentation

    Presenter: Dr. Susan Stansberry, Professor of Educational Technology at OSU

    Format: Zoom


    Learn about the many ways OSU collaborates with NASA to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and advance research in Oklahoma. Our panel of experts includes Dr. Susan Stansberry, Professor of Educational Technology; Dr. Kat Gardner-Vandy, Assistant Professor of Aviation and Space; Dr. Kalianne Neumann, Assistant. Professor of Educational Technology; and Dr. Jamey Jacob, PE, Professor and Head of Aerospace Engineering and Director of Unmanned Systems Research Institute at OSU.

  • Oklahoma's Poultry Production

    6/8 | 9-10:30a | Panel Presentation

    Moderator: Tyler Norvell, Strategy Development and Fundraiser for the Oklahoma Youth Expo

    Format: Zoom


    Over 3,790 farms produce poultry, making it the third most valuable livestock commodity in Oklahoma. Production of broiler chickens generated $729 million of Oklahoma’s agricultural cash receipts in 2019. Join a panel of industry experts to find out how poultry production is a mainstay of our state economy. Learn what poultry production does for local economies as well as the opportunities and challenges.

  • Victorian Folklore

    6/8 | 11a-12:30p

    Presenter: Shannon Jones, Victorian Ghost Story Proprietor

    Format: Zoom


    Faeries, vampires, urban legends and shadows in the night all play their own roles in Victorian folklore.  English folklore itself draws heavily from its pagan roots, culminating in unforgettable stories of myth and legend.  Victorian Folklore takes you on a journey through both fantasy and time. 


    Shannon Jones is a historical researcher and medieval studies educator with a Masters in Early European History from the University of Nebraska.  She has certificates in University Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, Magic in the Middle Ages from the University of Barcelona, and Herbal Medicine 101 from the University of Minnesota.  She specializes in early European herbal and medical history and folklore.  Shannon is the creator of A Victorian Ghost Story Museum,an online museum and education center for Victorian spiritualism, ghost stories and gothic literature.

  • Backyard Chicken Keeping

    5/27 | 11a-12:30p

    Presenter: Dana Zook, Extension Livestock Specialist in Enid, OK

    Format: Zoom


    Small flocks of chickens have been present in rural America for decades. In fact, during World War I, the U.S. Department of Agriculture encouraged families to manage small flocks in an effort to reduce domestic food costs. This trend waned in the 1980’s, but recently, interest in backyard poultry has increased substantially. In both rural and urban areas, small flocks of chickens and other poultry are looked to as a food source, a form of animal engagement, exhibition, income streams or just as a family project. Join us for a session on backyard poultry where we will dive into the basics of small flock production. Nutrition, housing, bird care, ordinances and public health will be addressed.

  • Clemonce Heard: Tragic City

    6/8 | 3p-4:30p

    Presenter: Clemonce Heard, MFA Creative Writing

    Format: Zoom


    This workshop will focus on Clemonce Heard’s forthcoming poetry collection Tragic City. The work investigates Heard's time living in the Tulsa Arts District and discovering that the apartment he resided is where the largest battle of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre took place. Heard will give a brief talk, reading and time for participants to reflect and discuss the event, the work and their own knowledge and relationship to Tulsa. 

  • Bill Mauldin: A Soldier Cartoonist in World War II

    6/9 | 11a-12:30p | Presentation

    Presenter: Dr. Denise Neil, Executive Director of the 45th Infantry Division Museum in OKC

    Format: Zoom


    Bill Mauldin joined the 45th Infantry Division in September 1940, soon after the division was called into federal service. When they reached Fort Sill, a weekly newspaper for the soldiers was established, and Mauldin quickly became the paper's cartoonist. From his earliest drawing for the 45th, Mauldin wanted to represent the life of the infantrymen. After the Thunderbird Division arrived overseas to fight in World War II, Mauldin's work spread throughout the army. He eventually left the 45th to be a full-time cartoonist for Stars and Stripes, and his characters Willie and Joe represented the life of the dogfaces marching their way across Europe. By the end of the war, the 23-year-old Mauldin had won a Pulitzer Prize for his wartime cartoons. This course will examine the historical context in which the works were created and their lasting legacy.

In-Person Tours

Tours are offered on Fridays throughout the summer at various locations across Oklahoma. Reservations are required and all tours require a minimum of six and max of 12 participants. Payment is due upon registration and is non-refundable. Both OLLI membership levels pay the same tour fees, which support the tour guide or hosting organization. Friends and family are invited to participate (payment of tour fee required). Participants are responsible for their own meals.


  • DoCoMoMo: Documenting and Conserving the Modern Movement (Tulsa)

    5/21 | 1p

    Location: Tulsa

    Meeting Place: The Vault Restaurant | 620 S Cincinnati Ave

    Cost Per Person: $20


    Join us for this walking tour of downtown Tulsa's Modern Architecture and its importance to the historic skyline of the city. Before the tour, we'll join for lunch at The Vault Restaurant located in the Iconic Mid Century Modern Building originally known as 1st National Auto Bank.


    Important Info: This is a walking tour. We recommend bringing a water bottle, dressing for the weather, wearing sunscreen, a hat and comfortable walking shoes.

  • OKC's Film Row (Oklahoma City)

    5/21 or 6/11 | 3p

    Location: Oklahoma City

    Meeting Place: Paramount Building | 701 W Sheridan Ave

    Cost Per Person: $20


    Urban archaeologist and historian Bradley Wynn will lead a walking tour of historic downtown Oklahoma City. Beginning in the Film Row district in front of the Paramount Building, we’ll walk and discuss the history of the film exchange district. Then we’ll migrate to the intersection of Sheridan and Robinson to share the locations and history of the Chinese Underground and other significant events of that area. The tour will end with cool drinks at the top of Devon Tower at Vast Restaurant with a bird’s eye view of the entire city.


    Important Info: This is a walking tour. We recommend bringing a water bottle, dressing for the weather, wearing sunscreen, a hat and comfortable walking shoes. Please note there are two tour date options: May 21 or June 11 at 3 p.m.

  • Rebels and Outlaws Caravan Tour (Muskogee)

    5/28 | 10a

    Location: Muskogee

    Meeting Place: Muskogee Civic Center (west parking lot) | 425 Boston St

    Cost Per Person: $25


    Oklahoma became an outlaw haven following the Civil War. In many ways, the war was responsible for much of the outlaw activity. Gangs were formed from old military units and found support and safe haven in the hills of eastern Oklahoma. Many lawmen recruited by Judge Isaac Parker were also former soldiers, and for a time, the law of the gun ruled in Indian Territory. A caravan driving tour will visit battle sites, the haunts of gangs, the sites of shootouts and the final resting places of some of our most notorious men and women. This tour will visit outdoor locations where history happened and includes a lunch stop.


    Important Info: A limited number of vehicles will be admitted to the tour so make your reservation early. Participants will be responsible for driving their own vehicle. The tour will begin from the west parking lot of the Muskogee Civic Center. From Highway 69 in Muskogee go east on Okmulgee Avenue to Owen Street. Turn south onto Owen and go one block to the west parking lot of the Civic Center. 

  • Historical Downtown Bartlesville (Bartlesville)

    6/4 | 10a

    Location: Bartlesville

    Meeting Place: Crossing 2nd | 215 E 2nd St

    Cost Per Person: $20


    Guided tour of historic downtown Bartlesville with guide Kay Little. We'll lunch on the patio at Crossing 2nd and then meet up for a guided tour of the Price Tower.


    Important Info: This is a walking tour. We recommend bringing a water bottle, dressing for the weather, wearing sunscreen, a hat and comfortable walking shoes.

  • Animals at Lunch (Stillwater)

    6/11 | 10a

    Location: Stillwater

    Meeting Place: Lost Creek Safari | 1200 W 80th St

    Cost Per Person: $15


    Self-guided tour of Lost Creek Safari where you can view the many exotic animals on exhibit. Afterward, we'll meet up at Granny's in downtown Stillwater for lunch al fresco.


    Important Info: This is a walking tour. We recommend bringing a water bottle, dressing for the weather, wearing sunscreen, a hat and comfortable walking shoes.

  • Angels in Architecture (Tulsa)

    6/18 | 11a

    Location: Tulsa

    Meeting Place: TBD

    Cost Per Person: $20


    When and why did terra cotta details become prominent in architecture? Learn all this and more on this guided, walking tour of downtown Tulsa. Afterward, we’ll join for lunch at The Local Bison in downtown.


    Important Info: This is a walking tour. We recommend bringing a water bottle, dressing for the weather, wearing sunscreen, a hat and comfortable walking shoes.


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