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We offer fall, spring and summer courses at various locations across Tulsa. Topics change each semester and range from art, history, culture, cinema, cuisine and more.
OLLI students painting

Tulsa Fall 2021 Course Offerings


  • Genealogy for Beginners

    Tuesdays, 1-3p | 4 Weeks | 9/21-10/12

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: Becky Hatchett, Genealogist

    Location: Montereau Retirement Community 


    Do you want to create your family tree but don't know how to start? This course will teach you the basics you need to know in order to document the lives of your ancestors using resources like,, Find a Grave, genealogy software, newspaper archives and other online vital records that help you save and share information.

  • Aging in Place: There's No Place Like Home

    Tuesday, 1-3p | 1 Week | 10/19 — FREE

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: Brooke Kimmel, Health Back Home Health

    Location: Montereau Retirement Community 

    Aging well and comfortably at home doesn't happen without planning. Home health, home care and other community resources abound, and you can learn to advocate for yourself or a loved one so that you benefit from the many support options available. Empower yourself to choose the best care to fit your needs and to maintain home independence for as long as possible.

  • Continuum of Knowledge: Native Women Artists

    Tuesday, 1-3p | 1 Week | 10/26

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: Susan Baley, Executive Director 108 Contemporary

    Location: Montereau Retirement Community 


    Enjoy this personally guided tour of the exhibition "The Space Between: Anita Fields & Molly Murphy Adams." Both artists are Oklahoma-based, Native women whose work intersects in terms of perspective and exploration of traditional Native American regalia. Fields (Osage) works primarily in clay. Murphy Adams (Oglala Lakota) pairs needlework techniques of beadwork and embroidery with printmaking and paper media.

  • Ad Valorem Property Tax

    Tuesdays, 1-3p | 1 Week | 11/2 — FREE

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: John A. Wright, Tulsa Conty Assessor

    Location: Montereau Retirement Community 


    Learn all about Oklahoma’s ad valorem property tax process directly from an elected county tax assessor. He’ll explain how your property is valued, how to protest a valuation, the role of the Excise Board, plus he’ll provide details on visual inspection, fair market value, taxable value and exemptions. If you have questions, come ask them in this one-time session.

  • Your Brain Is an Unreliable Narrator

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p | 3 Weeks | 9/22-10/6

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: Ken Seidel, Educator

    Location: Zarrow Pointe


    Why do our brains so easily ruminate on the negative or linger over conspiracy theories? In this class, we’ll explore and examine some of the recent neuroscience that explains how and why our brains may act the way they do. We’ll also examine what we can do to reduce our own brain’s vulnerability.

  • Jazz History: Modern Jazz Guitar & Oklahoma's Own

    Wednesdays, 1-3p | 6 Weeks | 9/22-11/10

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: John Hamill, Educator & Musician

    Location: Zarrow Pointe


    This class continues the history of jazz starting with Charlie Christian, the father of jazz guitar. We’ll move along through the popular trios of the late 1940s and early ‘50s before focusing on more contemporary players. We’ll end the course with Oklahoma’s own jazz players, including Chet Baker, Howard McGee, Oscar Pettiford, Billy Tipton, John Simmons, Ernie Fields and many others.

  • Finish Strong: Plan Well for Later Life

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p | 1 Week | 10/13, 10/20, 10/27 , 11/3 or 11/4 — FREE

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: Jennifer Weston, LCSW

    Location: Zarrow Pointe for all dates, except 11/4 at Montereau Retirement Community

    Important Info: This is a one-week class, presented multiple times. Students can attend as many times as they like.


    Planning for your health care and needs in later life is an important step to ensure you get the medical care you want. Jennifer Weston will show you how to prepare your advance directive and living will and assign a healthcare proxy. Jennifer shares her experience, personally and professionally, to help you plan for end of life.

  • Screwball Comedies: More Than Just Zany

    Thursdays, 10a-12p | 6 Weeks | 9/23-10/28

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: Dennis Scott, Film Historian

    Location: Montereau Retirement Community 


    During the Great Depression and looming world war, screwball comedies emerged as a popular new art form. More than just wacky hijinks, these films skirted the ban on risqué content by depicting sexual tension as verbal sparring. Let’s discover how gender roles and classism are turned on their heads by watching some of the best of this genre (full movie list online).

  • Let’s Play Games!

    Thursdays, 1-3p | 6 Weeks | 9/23-10/28

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: Carol Bebak, Educator

    Location: Montereau Retirement Community 


    We've survived a more than a year without seeing our OLLI friends, so it's time to get together, wake up the brain cells and have some fun! We'll work on brain enhancement with card games like Rummy, Phase 10, Uno and Skip-Bo and limber up our fingers and roll the dice to play Yahtzee, Stuck in the Mud! and The Dice Game. And let’s not forget gaming strategy, so we'll play dominoes and Mexican Train. Let the games begin!

  • Human Sexuality

    Fridays, 10a-12p | 6 Weeks | 10/8-11/12

    Format: Tulsa, In Person

    Instructor: Jennifer Weston, LCSW

    Location: Central Center in Centennial Park


    Why is sexuality important to understand? What about orientation, gender identity and expression? What words should I even use? This class will equip you with an understanding of terminology and broadened awareness of the history of human sexuality. Modern science, medical and psychological insights will be presented. In a safe and respectful space, you’ll be free to ask questions and gain understanding. We will all come away fully equipped to be allies. Come laugh, contemplate, explore, discuss, cringe and ponder as we learn why this topic is important.

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