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We offer fall, spring and summer courses at various locations across Stillwater. Topics change each semester and range from art, history, culture, cinema, cuisine and more.
OLLI students learning to make pottery

Stillwater Fall 2023 Course Offerings

Registration now open!


  • SF23-0212 Beer 101

    Tuesday, 1:30-3:30p, 1wk | 9/19

    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Matt Sullins, General Manager, Stonecloud Stillwater Patio & Taproom

    Location: Stonecloud Stillwater Patio & Taproom

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $10


    We will focus on the what, how and why of everything beer related, with a specific emphasis on the history and cultural significance of beer and brewing. We will dive into the four ingredients that make up beer, the differences between beer, cider and mead and look at the history of the processes and ingredients that formulate our favorite beverages. 

  • SF23-0351 Hey There Fungi! Meet the Mushrooms

    Wednesday, 10a-12p, 1wk | 10/18

    Format: Presentation

    Instructor: Shiitake Mama, Mushroom Educator

    Location: Prairie Art Center

    Important Info:  A La Carte Price: $10


    We'll look at how mushrooms support life on earth: their importance to plants, animals, humans and the environment and the general nutritional and health benefits they provide. We’ll discuss medicinal mushrooms, how they work and how they can support our physical, mental and emotional well-being. We'll also take a deeper dive into several specific mushrooms, especially less well-known edible varieties, where you can Meet the Mushrooms yourself.

  • SF23-0361 Tour of OSU Gardens

    Wednesday, 10a-12p, 1wk | 10/25

    Format: Tour
    Instructor: Nick Ouellette, University Landscape Design Manager

    Location: OSU Main Campus
    Important Info: A La Carte: $10


    Join in this expert-led tour of gardens on campus. Learn what goes into creating and maintaining the gardens and how decisions are made to put which plants where. Specific site visits will depend on what site and horticulture maintenance or construction is underway the day of the tour. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Golf carts will be available for those with mobility issues.


  • SF23-0371 Self Defense Basics

    Wednesday, 10a-12p, 1wk | 11/1

    Format Participation
    Instructor: Craig Nichols, Self-Defense Instructor

    Location: Stillwater Martial Arts
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $10


    What are the most common ways someone may intrude on your space? How would you set boundaries or respond if someone pushes you or grabs your wrist? Learn techniques to manage these types of situations and bring your own self-defense related questions.

  • SF23-0512 Walking Tour: Public Art on Campus

    Friday, 1:30-3p, 1wk | 9/22

    Format: Tour
    Instructor: Daedelus Hoffman, OSU Museum of Art Curator

    Location: OSU Main Campus
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $10


    Join us on this one-hour walking tour of the outdoor, public artworks tour on the OSU Stillwater campus hosted by the OSU Museum of Art. We will follow a one-mile loop that is wheelchair accessible and stroller friendly. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear and bring mobility aids or hearing devices, if needed.

  • SF23-0521 Shrinkin-Yoku: Forest Bathing

    Friday, 10a-12p, 1wk | 9/29

    Format: Participation
    Instructor: Sharon Bennett, Spiritual Companion

    Location: OSU Botanic Gardens
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $10


    Shinrin-yoku, also known as forest bathing, is a Japanese healing technique that boasts a wide variety of health benefits, including a potential for decreased stress, improved concentration, boosted immunity and lowered blood pressure. We will focus on connecting with nature and being mindful of experiences. We will take time to wander in the OSU Botanical Garden and then gather to share and participate in a guided breath mediation. Please wear closed-toed shoes and dress for the weather.

  • SF23-111 STEM Symposium

    Mondays, 10a-12p, 3wks | 9/18-10/2

    Format: Presentation
    Instructor: Various

    Location: Stillwater Public Library
    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    In this series of weekly presentations, we’ll hear from experts in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as STEM fields. A microbiologist will share insights into protein function and his work in exploring biotechnological applications. Hear from a biologist about new discoveries in nature’s solar energy process, photosynthesis. Learn from a researcher in biochemistry and molecular biology how mass spectrometry is used to weigh molecules for fun and profit. A full list of speakers and topics is available on the OLLI course enrollment webpage.

  • SF23-112 Theatre Games and Improvisation

    Mondays & Thursdays, 1:30-3:30p, 2wks | 9/18-9/28

    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Shiitake Mama, Theatre Professor

    Location: Stillwater Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Learn basic stage and voice techniques, build confidence and skills in thinking on your feet and trusting yourself and others. No acting experience is required to inspire your creativity and have fun, even if you are shy. What is required is a willingness to speak, move and play. Those who are differently abled are welcome.

  • SF23-152 It's a Myth-tery: Tracing the Ancient Great Goddess

    Mondays, 1:30-3:30p, 4wks | 10/16-11/6

    Format: Presentation

    Instructor: Christina "X-tina" Rich-Splawn, Mythology Connoisseur

    Location: Stillwater Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    From about 250,000 BCE (Before Common Era), there was the existence of an ancient Great Goddess as the primary divine entity. The appearance of the primary masculine deity began about 3000 BCE. So, for more than 225,000 years, the Goddess was revered. What happened to Her? Using archeological, historical and literary sources we’ll trace Her existence from the Paleolithic age down to the classic Greek Bronze Age myths which form the basis for our western culture.

  • SF23-211 Stillwater Town Hall

    Tuesdays, 10a-12p, 8wks | 9/19-11/7

    Format: Presentation

    Instructor: Various

    Location: Stillwater Public Library

    Important Info: Free, registration required


    Join us to hear from various speakers on timely topics, the school bond issue and the status of education in Stillwater, the federal trials of the Osage Murders, NEAR Science, the YMCA’s new facility, Block 34 and the cultural district, the history of the Stillwater Public Library, community development and more.


    September 19 | SPS Bond Issue & the Current State of Education in Stillwater

    Uwe Gordon, Superintendent, Stillwater Public Schools


    September 26 | NEAR Science: Beyond ACEs

    Hannah James-Alsabrook, Program Manager, OSU Center for Family Resilience

    Hilary Jespersen, Prevention Coach, OSU Center for Family Resilience


    October 3 | No session.


    October 10 | The Osage Murders: The William K. Hale & John Ramsey Cases

    Leigh Dudley, Executive Director, Federal Judicial Learning and Museum


    October 17 | Book Talk

    Dr. David Prentice, Author and Historian


    October 24 | Block 34, Stillwater Community Center, The Cultural District and Stillwater

    Jim Beckstrom, Chair, Stillwater Community Center Foundation and Block 34 Architecture and Development Committee, Coordinator, Block 34 Musician Recognition Committee and the 2023 Dancing Turtle art event


    October 31 | History of the Stillwater Public Library

    Stacy DeLano, Director, Stillwater Public Library


    November 7 | Comprehensive Planning and Community Development

    Jeff Mathews, Community Development Manager, City of Stillwater

    Jackie Porter, City Planner, City of Stillwater

    Brady Moore, Assistant City Manager, City of Stillwater


  • SF23-2110 The Cognitive Stimulation Program: Train Your Brain

    Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:30-10:20p, 8wks | 9/19-11/9

    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Dr. Sabiha Parveen, CCC-SLP, Associate Professor, OSU Communication Science and Disorders

    Location: Our Daily Bread Food & Resource Center

    Important Info: $75 (both levels). $100 nonmembers. No-shows will be charged.


    These courses are the creation of Dr. Sabiha Parveen and her team in OSU’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. This eight-week program will help seniors in and around Stillwater find resources and engage in cognitive and language activities to keep their brains sharp. Group-based activities will aim to improve and maintain some of the critical cognitive skills (including attention, memory and social communication) for increased safety, independence and engagement in daily activities. These groups are available for anyone who is interested in learning ways to keep their brain engaged and active.

    Three options are available:

    • Online group for those beginning to notice some changes in attention and memory but not seeing an impact in daily interactions and performances.

    • Online group for those who have been seeing considerable changes in attention and memory and also seeing impact in ability to do things they enjoy.

    • In-person group that will target skills such as attention, memory, naming and problem-solving.

    The course fee helps off-set the cost of materials provided to each participant. Income-based financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Contact the OLLI office for more information prior to enrolling. Active OLLI membership levels pay the same fee.

  • SF23-232 Here's Looking at You, Kid: Casablanca, Warner Bros. & WWII

    Tuesdays, 1:30-3:30p, 6wks | 10/3-11/7

    Format: Presentation

    Instructor: Dr. Carol Schmitz, Educator and Historian

    Location: Stillwater Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Casablanca was one of 33 films cranked out by Warner Brothers in 1942. Considered one of the best movies of all time, it will be our case study to examine the studio system, wartime restrictions, the censorship machine and the fear of communism in Hollywood. We will explore relationships and creative minds working together in a film peopled by real refugees, the “usual suspects” and some new folks, too – as we engage in “the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Join us inside Rick’s Café Américain.

  • SF23-311 Watercolors

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p, 4wks | 9/20-10/11

    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Tandi Memmott, Artist

    Location: Art on 6th

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25. Max 12 students.


    Come learn the basics of painting with watercolor. We’ll discover techniques such as creating washes, working wet into wet and wet on dry to produce desired results. We’ll experiment with masking fluid, salt, plastic wrap, etc., to create different effects. Some basic drawing skills are helpful but not required. 

  • SF23-312 Baseball Movies: From Nostalgia to Social Change POSTPONED

    Wednesdays, 1:30-4p, 8wks | 9/20-11/8

    Format: Presentation

    Instructor: Dr. Vickie Sturgeon, Educator, Broadcasting and Motion Picture History

    Location: Legacy Village

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25. Max 24 students.

  • SF23-351 Acrylics

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p, 4wks | 10/18-11/8

    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Tandi Memmott, Artist

    Location: Art on 6th

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25. Max 12 students.


    Working from photo references, you’ll explore painting using acrylic paint on canvas. We’ll cover the basics—composition, value, color mixing and mark making—and experiment with different mediums that change the consistency of the acrylic paint. You’ll also have the option of experimenting with a palette knife, as well. Bring photo references to class or use one provided by the instructor, and let’s paint!

  • SF23-421 The Med Instead of Meds

    Thursdays, 10a-12p, 6wks, 10/19-11/16 (New Dates)

    Format: Lecture

    Instructor: Candy Gabel, Director of Community Nutrition Education Programs, OSU Extension

    Location: Our Daily Bread Food and Resource Center

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Why do we say Mediterranean lifestyle instead of medications? This course will focus on a healthy Mediterranean style eating pattern, using the Seven Simple Steps to eating the Med Way. We’ll explore a couple of simple steps each week, including a mindfulness skill and a Med Way recipe. Food demonstrations and/or cooking instructions will be included in each class.

  • SF23-432 Ukulele for Beginners

    Thursdays, 1:30-3:30p, 6wks | 10/5-11/9

    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Kami Koontz and Pam Brown, Ukulele Instructors

    Location: Stillwater Public Library

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Pair your love of learning with the joy of music for a great combination. The ukulele is an easy instrument to learn, and this course will provide instant gratification of playing songs right away. You’ll use those basics to build what you need to continue learning. The ukulele is versatile, sounds great played solo or in a group, works across musical genres and is really beginner friendly. Don’t have a ukulele? Loaners will be available. 


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