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We offer fall, spring and summer courses at various locations across Stillwater. Topics change each semester and range from art, history, culture, cinema, cuisine and more.
OLLI students learning to make pottery

Stillwater Summer 2024 Course Offerings

Course registration now open!
  • SS24-0541 N40 Blackberry Farm Tour, Taste & Pick

    Friday, 9-11a, 1wk | 6/14

    Format: Tour

    Instructors: Richard Eberle & Darla Black, Owners

    Location: At Location

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $10. $6/lb to pick berries.


    The visit will begin with a short talk about the farm's inception and success along with educational information about growing thornless blackberries. A discussion and taste testing of blackberries from different cultivars will follow so that participants can appreciate the unique qualities of each. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to pick the best blackberries and take them home.


  • SS24-141 Horticulture Basics

    Monday & Wednesday, 10a-12p | 6/10 & 6/12

    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Shelley Mitchell, Senior Extension Specialist in Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

    Location: OSU Botanic Garden

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $15


    This course will introduce participants to the basic biology of plants – no science background needed. Through lectures and hands-on activities, we will explore anatomy, functions and uses of plants by people.

  • SS24-212 Oklahoma's Stanley Rother: A Life Examined

    Tuesdays, 1:30-3:30p, 4wks | 5/21-6/11

    Format: Lecture

    Instructor: Carol Schmitz, PhD, Educator and Historian

    Location: OSU Main Campus

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25


    Stanley Francis Rother (1935-1981) is an Oklahoma farm boy who did not expect anything exceptional to come out of his life when growing up in Okarche. In his youth, he felt called to the priesthood, but struggled academically and was dismissed from the seminary. But God had a plan for him, and he eventually was ordained in 1962. In 1968, he went to the Oklahoma mission in Guatemala, where his missionary life challenged and fulfilled him. Amidst death threats he briefly came home and then decided the “shepherd could not run.” He was not scared which made him a target, and his murder in 1981 made him a martyr. Today, his life continues to face unbelievable scrutiny and we will do so, too, as we examine Rother’s walk towards holiness as he fulfilled the Christ-like stance of “laying down one’s life for his friends.”

  • SS24-311 Color Theory

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p, 2wks | 5/22-5/29

    Format: Participation

    Instructor: Tandi Memmott, Artist

    Location: Art on 6th

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $20, Max 12 students.


    Participants will learn color mixing and basic color theory. We will use a limited pallet to learn color mixing, intensity, shades and tints, as well as color matching. We will create small acrylic paintings on watercolor paper as practice.

  • SS24-3111 Just Be Happy Anyway!

    Wednesdays, 10a-12p, 3wks | 5/22-6/5

    Format: Presentation

    Instructor: Lura Dahlem, Master Wellness Practitioner

    Location: OSU Main Campus

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25,


    Introduction to how the mind works, how it affects relationships, creates or sabotages goals and dreams and affects our physical and mental stress levels. Once you learn the basics of what is really going on in your head, you can then affect deliberate change by using simple techniques that allow you to be happy anyway. This is a hands-on class for those who want to learn real transformation skills that will go with them throughout their lives.

  • SS24-312 Irish Movies

    Wednesdays, 1:30-4p, 4wks | 5/22-6/12

    Format: Presentation

    Location: TBD

    Important Info: A La Carte Price: $25, Max 24 students.


    A diverse series of films illustrating Irish Culture. James Mason stars in “Odd Man Out,” a suspenseful 1947 film noir directed by Carol Reed. “The Guard” is a 2011 comedy, with two mismatched cops starring Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle. “In The Name of the Father (1993),” stars Daniel Day Lewis as wrongly accused of a pub bombing; Emma Thompson is his attorney. We close with a 1991 musical comedy “The Commitments” as a group of working-class youth in North Dublin form a soul band.

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